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How to Drink Coffee in Style

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Some people display their sense of fashion by donning shiny watches and sky high stilettos. Others accessorize with scarves and funky beanies. But there's another up-and-coming style statement - and it's coffee. The container you use, the type of coffee you drink and the way you coordinate it with your look can take your style from drab to high fashion. Here are some tips for emulating the models in your favorite fashion magazines with coffee as your accessory of choice.

Coordinate your accessories with your coffee.Coordinate your accessories with your coffee.

Coordinate Colors
Coffee's warm colors are flattering on every skin type. Wrapping an oversized golden scarf loosely around your shoulders is a great way to coordinate the color scheme of your favorite morning brew with your attire. Then, grab your drink and carry it down the street to work like you didn't just plan your outfit around your coffee.

Jazz Up Your Favorite Mug
Your everyday mug might work when you're staying indoors, but it's not always the best option when you're on the go. Opt for a travel container like a thermos or a mug with a cap to lower your chances of a devastating spill. After all, the quickest way to ruin your style is with a major coffee stain on your freshly pressed shirt or pants.

If you want to add some flair to your travel mug, go ahead and do it. Using a permanent marker, create interesting designs on your porcelain mugs and bake them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. You'll wind up with a unique travel container that fits in perfectly with your style. 

Make a fun design in your froth.Make a fun design in your froth.

Choose a Fashionable Drink
The type of drink you choose can say a lot about you - and your sense of fashion. Choose one that best exemplifies your style, and have fun with it. In the mood for a latte? Make a cool design with the froth and sip on it slowly with your pinky in the air. Passersby will think you just stepped out of Vogue - trust us.

Use Funky Accessories
Drinking iced coffee? Suck it down with a bright twisty straw. Sipping on a cappuccino? Use a spoon dipped in decadent dark chocolate. Fashion is all in the details, and these small tweaks can jazz up any outfit and make you enjoy your java that much more.