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How to Make the Perfect Foam for Your Latte

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You don't have to be an experienced barista to add creative touches to your coffee. When it comes to nailing the art of the perfect froth, you just need a few standard tools and the dedication to continuously practice the craft. Once you master the technique, you'll never make a frothless cappuccino or latte ever again. Here are some tips for creating the perfect foam.

Skim and whole milk produce a different kind of froth.Skim and whole milk produce different kinds of froth.

Use the Right Milk
Everyone has their own favorite kind of milk. Whether you're a skim kind of guy, a whole lover or a 2-percent girl, there are certain benefits of using it for froth. Skim and lighter types of milk, like 1- and 2-percent, produce a lighter, foamier consistency. Whole milk is creamier in texture, but also has a richer flavor that will help enhance the taste of your cappuccino or latte. Regardless of the kind you decide on, make sure that it's especially fresh - we're talking five or fewer days upon opening a carton. The fresher the milk, the tastier it will be. 

Set the Temperature
You should always start with cold milk. If it's warm or room temperature, there's a risk of nasty bacteria growth. Take the carton out of the fridge and immediately get to work on the froth, and place the remaining milk back in the fridge right away. Also, be sure not to pour hot milk over ice cubes, as that can also promote the growth of bacteria.

Heat up milk on your stove top.Heat up milk on your stove top.

You'll want to heat the milk over the stove and continuously stir - if you set it on the stove and keep it still, it will form a thick skin that's as unappetizing as it seems. It should remain on the stove until it's steaming, but don't overdo it. It's possible to burn milk, and you won't want that as a topping for your coffee.

Let the Tools Do the Work for You
If all of this seems like more work than you're willing to put in, you might want to invest in a coffee maker that will do the work for you. With the Mr. Coffee® Pump Espresso Maker, you don't have to worry about continuous stirring or heating milk to the perfect temperature for a tasty, fluffy froth. Instead, you just need to hit a few buttons and it will produce the perfect topping to your cappuccino or latte. Enjoy!