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How to Use Coconut in Your Coffee

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Summer is here, but unfortunately that doesn't mean you'll be poolside with a good book every day. Chances are that you'll have to work and continue your usual adult responsibilities regardless of the beautiful weather. Don't feel discouraged just yet - it's still possible to emulate the feeling of paradise indoors. When there's coconut involved, you can close your eyes and trick yourself into feeling tropical even if you're stuck in a cubicle. Here's how to include it in your coffee on those days that you can't make it outside.

Use coconut milk instead of creamer.Use coconut milk instead of creamer.

Swap Out Your Creamer
Put down the heavy cream and skip past the skim milk. Instead, add a splash of coconut milk to your java for a hint of the tropics without completely overpowering your morning brew. It's a quick, simple way of making your coffee a little more interesting.

Whip Up a Special Coffee Drink
If you have more time to devote to your coffee preparation, try this tasty concoction: coffee, coconut oil and butter. You may have never tried putting oil and butter in your coffee, but trust us - once you try this, you won't want it any other way. Mix a tablespoon or so of both ingredients into your coffee and experience the joy of paradise in a cup. Not only will it taste rich and creamy, but the combination will make your coffee a little frothy. 

Use Your Coffee Grinder
If you regularly use a coffee grinder to grind up beans, you're already aware of the unbeatable freshness of the java it makes. Why not mix in some coconut flakes next time you grind up your beans? You'll get a subtle hint of coconut with barely any additional effort on your part. Use a high quality grinder, like the Automatic Burr Mill Grinder, to create a tasty concoction in just a few simple steps.