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Tips for Becoming a Coffee Grinding Expert

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There's nothing like fresh coffee for a passionate java drinker. You might put effort into properly storing your beans or purchasing only the best-of-the-best coffee accessories, but another crucial step is sometimes overlooked by even the most devoted coffee fans. Bean grinding is easy with the right equipment, and it makes a world of difference in the freshness of your brew. Here are some tips for becoming a grinding expert.

"There's a method to the madness."

Know the Different Grinders
You can't just expect to use the nearest grinding device to crush up your beans the moment you decide you want the freshest tasting coffee. There's a method to the madness, and once you identify the key differences between all of the different types of grinders, you'll be closer to an amazing pot of java.

First up is the blade grinder, which as the name implies, uses sharp metal to chop up coffee beans - but only to a certain degree. For a finer grind, you'll want to use the second kind of grinder, which is the burr mill. The Automatic Burr Mill Grinder, for example, has the ability to go above and beyond what a blade grinder is capable of. It can pulverize beans into a powder texture for some of the best tasting, most elaborate coffee drinks.

Find the ideal texture when grinding your beans.Find the ideal texture when grinding your beans.

Decide on the Grind Type
Yes, there are different grind types, and each one produces a different taste. It can vary between coarse, medium, fine and pulverized. If you need help visualizing the differences between the textures, here's a breakdown:

  • Coarse - Flaky and rough. It almost looks like the beans were chopped manually.
  • Medium - Somewhat of a finer grind than coarse. 
  • Fine - Softer texture. When rubbed between the fingers, it feels like table salt.
  • Pulverized - The finest of all grinds. It's similar to powder.

Make Sure You Have the Right Brewing Device
Depending on the grind texture, you'll likely need a certain brewing device. A French press is ideal for coarse and medium grinds, while a drip maker and espresso pot are best suited for fine beans. Because pulverized beans are powdery, they'll need to be brewed in a Turkish-style device for a very specific, delicious type of coffee.