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Top Coffee Cities in the U.S.

Maybe your hometown is known for the celebrities who grew up there, or maybe there are great school systems that churn out some of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the country. Some cities, on the other hand, are known for their coffee. If you're both a java lover and a travel bug, be sure to include these towns on your list to visit. 

Hawaii is the only U.S. city that grows its own coffee.Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows its own coffee.

OK, so maybe Honolulu isn't just known for its coffee. It's also widely recognized as a beautiful area full of palm trees, great surf and breathtaking views of nature. But as the sole U.S. region that is able to grow coffee beans, it's only fitting that it's named one of the top coffee cities in the country. If you visit, be sure to try a cup of Kona, the local brew. You'll definitely want to visit again - and not just to sip a fancy drink out of a hollow coconut. 

Aside from being the birthplace of Starbucks, Seattle is also known for its indie culture, which is big on coffee. It's a great spot to catch a live music show, connect with artists and enjoy a cup of joe all at once. It's definitely worth visiting whether or not you're into the singer-songwriter scene - though, that's an additional reason to head out west.

Head to Portland for some of the best tasting coffee.Head to Portland for some of the best tasting coffee.

As long as you're in the Seattle area on a coffee road trip, you might as well stop by Portland, another major spot for java. Think bicycles, thick-rimmed glasses and plaid - a lot of plaid. But in addition to that, locals almost always have a cup of coffee in their hands, and that's because of the prevalence of free trade in the area. The city is home to many local coffee shops that take extra care in where they procure their beans.

New York
When a city's nickname is "the town that never sleeps," you have to assume the people who live there are drinking some serious coffee. And it's true - there are tons of independently operated coffee shops in the area, and when you think of Brooklyn, Astoria and surrounding artist-heavy boroughs, you can imagine just how much java is consumed there on a daily basis. Be sure to check this coffee city off your list.