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25 Days of Coffee

How do you count the days down to the biggest holiday of the year? Some people watch Christmas movies, others eat cookies and chocolates. They're all great ideas, but they don't quite compare to enjoying the great taste of coffee from the comfort of your home, every day of the holiday season.

Check out this list of 25 ways to celebrate coffee as you wait for Christmas morning:

Dec. 1 - The Last Pumpkin Spice
You've been enjoying pumpkin spice lattes since the end of August. Even delicious drinks have their time, however, so take one last sip of the quintessential autumn beverage, then get ready to head into a new season of flavors.

Dec. 2 - Peppermint Latte
Peppermint lattes are simple, yet delicious. Make some at home and then get ready to go Christmas shopping.

Caramel and coffee together is just right.Caramel and coffee together is just right.

Dec. 3 - Caramel Butterscotch Coffee
It's seasonally appropriate to break out the ugly Christmas sweaters now, so pop yours on and keep warm with this decadent drink.

Dec. 4 - Coco-Cocoa Coffee Treat
What better way to relax on the first Friday of the month than with an indulgent, alcoholic coffee treat? Enjoy responsibly.

Dec. 5 - Get a Coffee Facial
Treat yourself to a homemade spa experience. Have a steaming cup of coffee and use the grounds to make your skin shine.

Dec. 6 - Enjoy Some Coffee Candy
You don't need an excuse to indulge in some coffee candy, do you? If so, just remember that tomorrow is Monday.

Dec. 7 - Head to Work with Coffee Snacks
Load up your Mr. Coffee® Pour! Brew! Go!, grab some snacks and head to work. Don't let the holiday season stop you from being productive.

Dec. 8 - Hazelnut Coffee
As far as flavored coffee goes, this recipe is a sure bet. It's simple, delicious can be enjoyed every day.

Dec. 9 - Beat Hump Day with Dark Chocolate and Coffee
Wednesdays can be rough. Bring some dark chocolate with you to enjoy with your mid-morning coffee.

Dec. 10 - Try Some Cambodian Coffee
Feeling cold? Cambodian coffee is a foreign treat that's guaranteed to warm you up.

Dec. 11 - Stay Up Late with Irish Coffee
Grab some friends and get a great conversation going with this late night treat. Always drink responsibly.

Coffee is best shared among friends.Coffee is best shared among friends.

Dec. 12 - It's Pie and Coffee Day
What's better than a fresh cup of coffee? A fresh cup of coffee with a side of pie of course! There are a ton of delicious combinations to try.

Dec. 13 - First Eggnog Coffee of the Season
Like eggnog? Like coffee? Why not combine them? This recipe is great for solo drinking or entertaining a house full of guests.

Dec. 14 - Invent Your Signature Coffee Drink
If you've got some free time, head to the kitchen and experiment a little. Make your very own signature coffee drink and see what your friends think.

Dec. 15 - Have some Delicious White Chocolate with your coffee
Pairing a luscious, melt-in-your-mouth piece of white chocolate with a slightly bitter cup of hot coffee will get you through the toughest of days.

Dec. 16 - Learn How to Perfectly Froth Milk
How are your coffee-making skills? Up your game with the Mr. Coffee® Milk Frother and start making some excellent cappuccinos and lattes.

Dec. 17 - Relax With Some Brandy Coffee
Have you finished all your holiday shopping yet? If so, reward yourself with a mug of brandy coffee. If not, brace yourself for fighting the crowds.

Dec. 18 - Get Excited for Christmas with the Holiday Jubilee
This amazing recipe has all the flavors of the season. Crank up the holiday jingles and enjoy this seriously sweet coffee drink.

Homemade gingerbread, meet homemade gingerbread latte. Homemade gingerbread, meet homemade gingerbread latte.

Dec. 19 - Make a Gingerbread House while drinking a Gingerbread Latte
It's not the Christmas season without gingerbread. Practice your architectural skills while savoring the tasty flavors of a homemade gingerbread latte.

Dec. 20 - Make some Coffee Crafts with the Kids
If you're not worn out from building your gingerbread house, these craft ideas are perfect for keeping the kids occupied on their winter vacation.

Dec. 21 - Finish all Your Work with the Help of Coffee
Have you finished all your work yet? If not, multi-task your way to the finish line with these tips.

Dec. 22 - Try Vietnamese Coffee
Share the exquisite coffee flavors of the world with this Vietnamese coffee recipe.

Dec. 23 - Pair Milk Chocolate with Your Coffee
It's hard to avoid chocolate at this time of year, but then again, why would you want to? Have another chocolate treat with your coffee today!

Dec. 24 - Have a Coffee Gift Exchange with Your Friends
It's Christmas eve! Time to get together with your friends and exchange gifts. Hint: Everyone loves getting coffee treats.

Dec. 25 - Wake Up Early and Enjoy a Cup of Coffee with Your Family
Get up early and see what Santa brought you for Christmas. Then, spend the rest of the day with your family. Sharing your favorite drinks with the ones you love most is what the 25 days of Christmas are all about.