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How To Perk Up After The Thanksgiving Slump

Thanksgiving dinner can seem like a ritual of feasting and slumbering. It starts with the days and weeks of fervent anticipation - you buy all the ingredients you'll need, collect your recipes together and send out invitations to friends and family. On the day of the big meal, your house fills with the mouth-watering smells of roasting turkey, baking rolls, steaming green bean casserole and slow-cooked stuffing. Then, at the appointed time, you say a word of thanks, give toast to good food and good friend,s and eat. The meal is always delicious and you always eat too much, because that too is part of the ritual.

Then, after the meal, you help with the dishes - hopefully - pat your stomach in satisfaction and turn on the big game. Digesting a Thanksgiving dinner is another monumental task in itself. It is like no ordinary meal, it is sleep-inducing. It makes your eyelids droop.

There is a certain comfort in falling asleep on the couch as the soothing sounds of the football announcer's baritone voice emanate from the television. But if you're gathered with friends and family that you haven't seen in a long time, napping could be a waste of precious time. So how can you avoid the post-dinner slump? How do you fight the urge to drift off into a mashed potato dream land?

First, you need to know why Thanksgiving dinner makes you so sleepy.

It might be the dinner rolls that are making you so sleepy.It might be the dinner rolls that are making you so sleepy.

Tryptophan Is Not Necessarily to Blame
In recent years, the post-meal sleepiness felt on Turkey Day has been attributed to a chemical found in turkey meat called tryptophan. While it's true that tryptophan makes you sleepy and turkey contains that chemical, it's still not necessarily to blame for your Thanksgiving drowsiness. The truth of the matter is that there are many other foods that actually contain more tryptophan than turkey, and they're all foods you probably consume regularly. They include eggs, soybeans and even cheddar cheese.

So, if not tryptophan, what's making you so tired? The answer is likely carbohydrates. Thanksgiving dinners are usually full of carbs, which indirectly lead to an increase of serotonin and melatonin in the brain. Both chemicals are known to induce sleepiness. If you really wanted to, you could cut back on the carbs you consume during the meal - but where's the fun in that?

Espresso drinks will wake you up after the big meal.Espresso drinks will wake you up after the big meal.

Coffee Saves the Day
What else would the solution to this problem be? Coffee will not only wake you up, it provides a delicious centerpiece for your post-dinner conversation. If you were too focused on the food during dinner to properly catch up with your friends, now is the time to sit back and talk about old times.

There are many tasty drinks that will serve the purpose, but espresso-based drinks are ideal. The Mr. Coffee® Pump Espresso Maker will allow you to create barista-quality coffee drinks in a matter of minutes. Make an espresso shot for the exhausted and much venerated cook in your family. Craft a foamy cappuccino for a silky treat that complements the meal and gets you ready for dessert. Whatever you make, raise it in a mug and have one more toast to your best friends and your loved family members. These gatherings don't happen every day, so you should be awake to experience them to the fullest.