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Single Cup Coffee Makers Aren't Just For Singles

The single cup coffee maker is an excellent choice for the bachelor or bachelorette who doesn't want to let a whole pot of coffee go to waste. By using the Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System, the solo coffee drinker can get a perfectly sized, delicious cup of coffee in no time. The machines are great for those times when a little pick-me-up is needed or for when the coffee needs to travel. The Mr. Coffee® Pour! Brew! Go! machines are ideal for students and busy professionals who need their coffee to move as fast as they do. The carafe doubles as a stylish travel mug that keeps the coffee hot and tasting fresh.

Everyone gets to enjoy his or her favorite type of coffee.Everyone gets to enjoy his or her favorite type of coffee.

Drinking Coffee Alone, With Company
But single cup coffee makers are equally suited to cohabitants, couples, fraternity houses, retirement homes and secret clubhouses. In other words, you don't need to be single to make use of a single cup coffee maker. The machines are great for roommates with different tastes in coffee. No longer will there be awkward silences around the morning breakfast table as one roommate scowls at the dark roast coffee - with the Mr. Coffee® K-Cup® Brewing System, everyone can enjoy his or her dark roast, hazelnut coffee and English breakfast tea separately, together.

Using this logic, it's plain to see that owning a single cup coffee maker could save a relationship on the rocks. If arguments are coming down to brew strength, flavor additives or type of a roast, a K-Cup® will be the final word. Instead of fighting over which brand of coffee is going in the pot Sunday morning, couples can cuddle up in front of the TV with their favorite - and unique - hot drinks.

The same can be said for the office setting. Rather than leaving passive aggressive notes to that one employee who never refills the coffee pot, or worse - dealing with the guy who doesn't know anything about proper water-to-grounds ratios - everyone gets the perfect cup every time. On top of that, everyone will be much more productive, not to mention happier.

In Time For the Holidays
Hosting a dinner party these days can be a challenge. Some guests might have food allergies, some might stay away from gluten and others still are just picky eaters. Even the coffee isn't safe from choosy guests. But a Mr. Coffee® K-Cup® Brewing System lets everyone choose his favorite flavor, making the hosting duties that much simpler.