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Frothing 101: The Basics

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Having a milk frother at home can really up your coffee game. You can take beverages from delicious to delightful by topping them with a luscious layer of foam. But are you getting the most out of your frother? Here are some useful tips for making gourmet quality drinks at home.

What Kind of Milk Should You Use?
The type of milk you use will greatly depend on your preferred taste. Whole milk will get you a very full, rich flavor. If you're looking to take a bit of bitterness away from your coffee, this is your best option. The fat content is a little higher than other milks, but probably not enough to ruin your diet. The froth produced by whole milk is usually thick and not very airy. At the other end of the spectrum, skim milk is low in fat and creates a very airy froth. The resulting flavor is also lighter. For a happy medium, go with 2 percent milk. It still has a lot of flavor and makes nice foam that is great for lattes and cappuccinos.

Gourmet quality drinks at home make everyone happy.Gourmet quality drinks at home make everyone happy.

Make a Great Cappuccino Every Time
Ready for a taste of Italy right in your own kitchen? The Mr. Coffee® Automatic Milk Frother can make the perfect foam for a cappuccino with the press of a button. For an authentic flavor, use the ideal ratio of one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third milk foam. That's the way the Italians do it, but you can experiment a little. The home cafe experience is all about getting things exactly the way you like them. If you only want to add a bit of texture to the drink, try spooning on only a thin layer of milk for a drink that still has a strong coffee flavor with the feel of a cappuccino. Click here for an awesome cinnamon-sugar latte recipe.

There's a whole world of frothed drinks to try this season.There's a whole world of frothed drinks to try this season.

Impress Your Friends With Quality Lattes
The milk to coffee ratio for a typical latte is usually one-third espresso, two-thirds heated milk and topped with a layer of foam. The process to make a latte is a little more involved than a regular cup of joe, but it's still pretty easy to create a delicious concoction before heading to work in the morning. Simply pour two ounces of espresso and four ounces of steamed milk into a cup and top with 1 centimeter of frothed milk. After you've tried a latte the traditional way, experiment a little with different ratios and see which you like best.

Improvise a Flat White
A flat white is an Australian take on the latte, but contains more coffee than milk and the milk is of a velvety texture. To make one at home, froth the milk as you would for a latte and then use a spoon to very gently stir the froth, which will reduce its volume. Swirl the foam until it's quite thick and has almost no large bubbles at all. Then quickly pour the milk into your espresso. The result should be similar to a cappuccino, but instead of the texture being on top, it will permeate throughout the drink.