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End of Summer Coffees to Try Now

It's almost time to put away your summer clothes and prepare for the colder weather. Before you know it, you'll be concocting a warm, tasty pumpkin spice latte and eating as many apples as you can get your hands on. But before you transition to these festive fall treats, try to squeeze in one last ounce of summer. Try adding the following ingredients to your coffee to keep the season alive long enough to see one more cup.

Squeeze some fresh lime into your coffee.Squeeze some fresh lime into your coffee.

At first thought, lime juice in your coffee might seem odd. But when you consider that some of the best tasting coffees is the kind that's enhanced with different types of citrus - like orange-infused coffee - it makes a lot more sense. Start out slow and just squeeze some fresh lime into your glass of iced coffee. You'll love the refreshing taste it produces.

Adding coconut to your coffee is the easiest way to channel the tropics without even leaving your kitchen. But what's the best way to incorporate the summery ingredient into your morning brew? Add a splash of coconut milk in place of your regular milk or creamer. It will give it just a touch of flavor that works perfectly with your coffee and won't overwhelm the palate. 

If you're preparing some coconut coffee and you want to kick it up a notch, reach for some pineapple juice. The fruit is a classic tropical treat that instantly puts you in a summery mood. Plus, the pineapple and coconut combination is on par with chocolate and peanut butter and cinnamon and sugar. Each is great on its own, but much better together.

Add a splash of soda water to your morning brew.Add a splash of soda water to your morning brew.

One of the latest trends in java is coffee with a splash of soda. The carbonated drink might not be your go-to during other seasons, but when you want to indulge in a sugary, refreshing treat in the middle of a heat wave, you might just reach for some soda. Add some club soda to your next cup of coffee for some bubbly fun.

Another classic fruit of the summer months, peaches are a great addition to any beverage - coffee included. You likely have an abundance around your home, since it's in-season. Slice one up and place the slices in the bottom of your coffee. The flavor will slowly seep in and give your java just a touch of sweetness.