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How Coffee Lovers Can Prepare for National Coffee Day

Tuesday, September 29 is National Coffee Day, a holiday for coffee lovers to come together and share a cup of their favorite brew. The day is celebrated in countries as far apart as Australia and Norway, proving once again that coffee is universal in its appeal. Although for some of us Coffee Day is every day, the upcoming event gives even the most enthusiastic coffee drinkers a rare opportunity to connect to fellow fanatics across the country and globally.

National Coffee Day is the perfect opportunity to catch up with an old friend.National Coffee Day is the perfect opportunity to catch up with an old friend.

Fair Trade
Around the world, good people are growing and harvesting coffee beans and the 29th is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation of their hard work. If you're going to purchase a bag of fresh beans for the occasion, make sure the roast comes from a fairly traded source. This is an easy way to support a sustainable environment and the farmers who grow the beans you love.

Which type of bean should you get? Because this is a day for sharing, perhaps you should grab a little bit of everything - a light roast for the early riser in your family, a dark roast for the flavor fanatic and some espresso for your European friend.

Choose Your Tools
You can't wait until the last minute to choose equipment you'll be using on the 29th. Will you be using an auto drip machine? And if so, are you stocked up on filters? Don't get caught unprepared. If your plan is to go with a French press, consider using the Mr. Coffee® Electric French Press + Hot Water Kettle, which heats water and brews coffee all in one convenient piece of equipment. This product takes away all the hassle of making a French pressed coffee and it still gives you a full, rich taste. 

Avoid the busy cafes and invite your friends over for a homemade brew.Avoid the busy cafes and invite your friends over for a homemade brew.

Invite Your Friends
Now's the time to send out those social media invitations. Let your friends know where the coffee's going to be and just wait to see who shows up. The optimal way to celebrate is to throw a Bring Your Own Coffee party and have everyone bring their favorite roasts and brewing equipment. Be sure to invite your neighbors, as the delectable smells drifting out of your place will drive them crazy otherwise.