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How To Brew a Cup of Decaf Coffee At Home

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Making decaffeinated coffee from scratch is only for hardcore decaf lovers. Why? Because the process involves getting your hands on some green coffee beans and roasting them yourself the old-fashioned way. If you think you're up to the task, read on. If you want to skip the difficult parts and buy pre-decaffeinated beans, start with step three.

Caffeine is removed from green coffee beans.Caffeine is removed from green coffee beans.

The Process
So you've got your hands on some green coffee beans, perhaps from your friend who knows a guy who grows his own beans - or maybe you bought them online. However you obtained these little-seen green beans, unpack them into a large bowl.

1. Soak
Commercial decaf beans are put through an intense chemical process in which they are pressurized and subjected to an atmosphere of carbon dioxide. Unless you've got a coffee lab in your loft, you're going to have to use a slightly less industrial method. Fill your bean bowl with hot water and let the beans soak for a few minutes. Strain the beans, and repeat. More caffeine is removed every time you do this.

2. Roast
This is so much work! But you knew it would be. You're determined. You're going to get that perfect cup of homemade decaf coffee, and the next step toward that end is firing up your preferred roasting method. Whether you've got a commercial machine, a device of your own contrivance or a simple cast iron pan, roast the decaffeinated beans according to your preferences.

3. Grind
At this point in the process your entire home is probably inundated with the delectable smells of roasting coffee. It's possible that your roommates have already begun hounding you for a taste of the first cup. Even your cat has shown a faint interest in the transpirings of your kitchen. But there's still one more step before brewing: Grind the beans on fine or medium. The Mr. Coffee® Blade Grinder with Chamber Maid Cleaning System makes this super easy, and at this point in the process, easy is good!

Nothing smells better than a freshly roasted cup of coffee.Nothing smells better than a freshly roasted cup of coffee.

4. Brew
The final step is the simplest. Brew your coffee and enjoy the aroma of the freshest decaf you have ever had. And tell your roommates they have to wait for the second cup. Hopefully you've made enough beans to last you for a while. If you use the Mr. Coffee® Optimal Brew™ 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe, you can program your coffee for any time of the day or night. Set your machine to turn on just after you come home from work, and relax with a cup of decaf.