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How To Go Pro On National Coffee Day

We've already talked about how to prepare your home for National Coffee Day, now let's take it up a notch and add a gourmet quality to your drinks. It's easier to do than you might think - but you don't have to tell that to your friends.

Top Off Your Cappuccinos
Maybe it's just a trick of the mind, but presentation does seem to add to the flavor of a good drink. Take your cappuccinos to the next level by topping them with a rich layer of foamed milk. The Mr. Coffee® Automatic Milk Frother makes this usually arduous task a cinch. Press the button for cappuccino and sit back while the machine takes care of the rest. For a dry cappuccino, make the top layer of foam nice and thick and for a wet cappuccino, the foam layer should be thin and delicate. Both taste great.

Wake up on National Coffee Day with a gourmet cappuccino.Wake up on National Coffee Day with a gourmet cappuccino.

Make Some Art
Previously, we've talked about the basics of creating latte art. Step up your game by using a chopstick or similar implement to draw shapes, faces, hearts and messages. Make things sweeter by using a squeezable tube of chocolate syrup to outline your pictures in delicious, chocolaty goodness.

Toppings Galore
Don't limit yourself to chocolate and whipped cream. Top your gourmet coffee drinks with fruit, mint leaves, stencil dustings or caramel drizzle.

Get out the fancy mugs and saucers, put those doilies your grandmother made out on the table, and prepare to feel sophisticated. If you've invited friends over, have them all bring something special, but don't limit their imaginations. Dress up with pince-nez, monocles, or horn-rims. 

Whatever you do this September 29th, celebrate National Coffee Day your way. Have fun and enjoy your favorite tasty coffee drinks at home with friends and family.