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How Your Favorite Celebrities Drink Coffee

You might follow your favorite celebrities on Instagram or buy every magazine they appear in so you can properly emulate their style. But to truly reflect your favorite stars' style and personal preferences, you need to know some important information, like the way they drink their coffee. Then, and only then, can you really get a sense of who they are. After all, coffee habits say a lot about a person, and you don't really know someone until you learn how they take their morning brew. Here's how some of the top stars wake up.

The pop star is often seen with a coffee in hand.The pop star is often seen with a coffee in hand.

Britney Spears
Whether you grew up worshipping Britney Spears or you're just beginning to get into her new music now, one thing is for sure: You've likely seen her in tabloid magazines with a frozen coffee drink in hand. The notorious pop star loves her java any way she can get it - from fruity flavors to chocolatey mix-ins - as long as it's all blended together with ice.

Christian Bale
Known for his dark, intense roles, Christian Bale isn't necessarily the kind of person you would guess loves chai lattes. However, Hollywood is full of surprises, and this is one of them. The star is often seen with one in hand to start his day.

Kevin Spacey
Vanilla lattes are all the rage for those who like their coffee light and sweet. That said, it may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that it's the drink of choice for mysterious Kevin Spacey, whose most recent role is the lead in "House of Cards."

"Kidman orders a very specific drink to stay awake."

Nicole Kidman
The "Eyes Wide Shut" star orders a very specific drink to keep those eyes wide open all day: a wet cappuccino. But what exactly is a wet cappuccino? It's all in the froth - or lack thereof. A standard cappuccino includes both froth and steamed milk. A dry cappuccino uses froth, while a wet one calls for steamed milk. This gives the latter a creamier texture and a cooler temperature - exactly how Kidman enjoys it.

Hayden Panettiere 
Actress Hayden Panettiere plays a number of perky cheerleader roles, and her morning drink is strikingly reflective of that. She often gets a vanilla nonfat chai, which may have something to do with her naturally energetic personality. Who needs caffeine when you're already hyped up and ready for the day?