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Which of These Coffee and Pie Pairings Will you Try First?

What's better than coffee and pie? How about 10 types of coffee and 10 pies! Here for the first time is a comprehensive list of coffee and pie combinations that are sure to satisfy every taste. Which one will you try first?

1. The Regular
Pairing: Black coffee and coffee pie
When to enjoy: After a hard day's work

There's no messing around here: a regular cup of Joe with a slice of coffee flavored pie. This combination is for people who know what they like and like what they know.

2. The Sweet Tooth
Pairing: Café au lait and s'more pie
When to enjoy: After an outdoor excursion

Sure, regular s'mores are great, but s'more pies are better. Splash some milk and sugar in your brew and sip along with this fireside treat. Protip: Your backyard counts as outdoors and your stovetop counts as a campfire.

Part caramel, part apples. All amazing.Part caramel, part apples. All amazing.

3. The Cat's Meow
Pairing: Cappuccino and caramel apple pie
When to enjoy: With your cat, preferably while sitting in a rocking chair

Caramel apple pie is for those folks who just need a little something extra with their Granny Smiths. Have an alliterative night in with this combination and your best feline companion.

4. The Dairy Delight
Pairing: Latte and cream cheese pie
When to enjoy: When your lactose intolerant friends aren't around

Why confuse your stomach with different kinds of food when you can drink and eat your daily dairy requirements for dessert? You can enjoy this pairing until the proverbial cows come home.

5. The Green One
Pairing: Irish coffee and grasshopper pie
When to enjoy: After you're 21 years old

No, it's not made with bugs. Grasshopper pie is a minty treat that's green enough to show off your Irish pride - even if you're not Irish. Enjoy responsibly with a mug of whiskey-infused coffee.

Chocolate pie and coffee were meant for each other.Chocolate pie and coffee were meant for each other.

6. The Modern
Pairing: Vienna coffee and chocolate pie
When to enjoy: On your next trip into the city

Vienna coffee is covered in whipped cream, yet somehow still classy. It's a bold move, but it pays off. Look sophisticated the next time you're in the big city with this refined combination.

7. The Other Spice
Pairing: Chai latte and pumpkin pie
When to enjoy: When the season is right

This time of year, it seems like everything you eat has a bit of pumpkin in it. Don't forget the other spiced coffee treat and enjoy the season with pie and a chai latte.

8. The White Out
Pairing: Flat white and coconut pie
When to enjoy: In a blizzard with a polar bear

Someone once laid this combination out on a white table and lost it forever. Don't make the same mistake. Use a tablecloth.

Swirls in your coffee, swirls in your pie. It must be a match.Swirls in your coffee, swirls in your pie. It must be a match.

9. The Go Nuts
Pairing: Macchiato and pecan pie
When to enjoy: If you're in a rush

The macchiato goes perfectly with a slice of pecan pie because the often bitter espresso flavor is mitigated by a dash of foamed milk. The pecan pie is a perfectly sweet and nutty complement.

10. The American Combo
Pairing: Americano and apple pie
When to enjoy: While watching an eagle soar majestically through the sky

When American soldiers were saving the world in WWII, they did so while drinking Americanos. Pair that drink with the most American pie on the list, and you've got yourself a heaping plate of patriotism.