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Learn Professional Barista Skills To Impress Your Friends At Home

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With the help of the right tools and a little practice, you can make your very own cafe style drinks at home and save money by skipping the coffeehouse stops. Here are some tips to help you learn professional barista skills using your Mr. Coffee® Espresso Machine:

Understand Different Types of Milk
Before digging in to fancy pouring techniques and pulling shots, you have to understand your ingredients first. There are many types of milk, from soy to almond, 1 percent and whole, and they all act differently when you froth them. The timing varies for each when making a foamy cappuccino or a hot latte, and the fat content greatly changes the way the liquid behaves. Pick your favorite milk and practice frothing to get the hang of it. Then, move on to another type to see the difference between the two. This will come in handy when your friends realize you're basically a barista now and they ask for special drinks whenever they're over.

Mr. Coffee® Espresso Machine
To make the best coffee, you will require high-quality equipment. Mr. Coffee® Espresso Machines provide the rich taste you love every time. That special consistency of drinking the same coffee every time you pour a cup comes from perfected techniques and impeccable products. With a Mr. Coffee® Espresso Machine, you'll be well on your way toward professional barista-style drinks.

"Attend a coffee class at a local roasterie."

Take a Class
Many cafes and roasteries offer courses where anyone can learn how to pull shots and froth milk. Not only are the courses a great way to learn how to make incredible coffee, you'll also gain insight into how beans are roasted, why timing matters and even the history of coffee. When you leave a class, you'll know how to pull the perfect shot of espresso with a creme top and perhaps master the art of latte fleur des lis. 

Watch Videos
YouTube is an excellent place to see professional baristas at work without having to leave home. You can use the equipment you already have for coffee making to follow along with baristas on the internet. Look up whatever particular skill you're interested in and you'll quickly have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips - especially if you search the Mr. Coffee® Brand YouTube page. Consider watching a video all the way through before gathering your necessary beans, milk and machines and trying what you've just learned. Then you can easily pause and continue the video at your leisure as you practice the new skill you're working on with your Mr. Coffee® Espresso Machine.

Just like with learning any other new skill, gaining professional barista status takes time. The coffee slingers who participate in competitions rated on taste and style have been in the industry for years - you're not going to become a champion overnight! Make sure you're kitchen is fully stocked with coffee and espresso beans, filters and top notch Mr. Coffee® brand coffee or espresso machines. Also ensure your equipment is properly cleaned. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your favorite appliances and ensure you're working with the best espresso machine or coffee maker possible to learn professional barista skills.