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The Importance of Cleaning Your Café Barista Espresso Machine

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In order to get the rich, dependable flavor you love from your Mr. Coffee® Cafe Barista, your machine must be properly cleaned. That doesn't mean just rinsing out the milk reservoir and wiping down the wand. A good thorough cleaning after each use will keep your machine working for many brews to come. Here are some cleaning tips:

Always Use a Clean Filter
Without proper maintenance, espresso grounds can build up, reducing the water flow and creating bitter-tasting shots. With a Mr. Coffee® Cafe Barista, you'll need to select a single- or double-shot filter. Then, add the appropriate amount of grounds. This way you'll avoid overflowing the filter and accidentally letting some grounds escape into your machine. Be sure to wash the empty out and wash the filter and portafilter thoroughly after each shot is brewed.

Clean the Water and Milk Reservoirs
This machine features removable reservoirs which make for easy filling and cleaning. Avoid mold and odor by rinsing each with hot water between uses, and scrub them with soap once or twice a week. If you use your machine several times a day, add a soapy rinse at the end of the day to ensure you're ready for tomorrow.

Use the Cleaning Cycle
Most ovens feature a clean setting where they get super hot and make it easy to remove any baked-on debris. The Mr. Coffee® Cafe Barista also features a cleaning cycle. To use this program, simply fill the water reservoir and select the clean cycle button. Your machine will heat up and run water through the system to clean out any caked on grounds. 

Mr. Coffee, Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista, coffee, espresso, brewUsing the self-clean function on your Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista will prolong the life of the machine.

Dealing with Hard Water
You may live in a locale with hard water. This means it's more mineral-rich, and often comes with a different taste and smell than other tap water. It can be safe to drink, but it may also be hard on your coffee maker. You might notice an orange or brown ring around the water reservoir. This is just mineral buildup and can easily be remedied with a quick scrub. Don't leave water sitting in the reservoir as this will promote the presence of that line. Hard water can also affect the taste of your espresso, so consider using an espresso machine that filters water or opt to use bottled water when readying your machine for the day. 

Cleaning the Foam Wand
Making sure the frother wand is clean is crucial to a great-tasting latte or cappuccino. After every use of the frother, use a damp rag to wipe the wand once the cleaning cycle is complete. The steam from the cycle helps clean out areas you cannot reach with a rag or sponge. By doing this, your milky espresso drinks will have the perfect taste and texture.

For more information on how to clean and care for your espresso machine, visit Mr. Coffee on the web or check the instruction booklet that comes with your Mr. Coffee® Café Barista.