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Treat Yourself with Your Holiday Gift Money

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Many people have at least one New Years resolution about saving money. One great way to reduce the amount you're spending is to stop buying coffee at cafes. Instead, you can make any fun drink at home with the right coffee machines or espresso makers. Not sure what to buy with that holiday gift money or bonus check? Here are some awesome ways to treat yourself:

Buy a New Coffee Maker
You probably already have a regular coffee maker that works just fine. But what about for those times when you want something a little different? What do you order when you go to a cafe or coffee shop? Maybe you love frappes or enjoy the taste of espresso. Why not equip yourself with the tools to make them at home? The Mr. Coffee® Cafe Barista makes cappuccinos, espresso and lattes with one touch of a button. You don't have to worry about frothing the milk by hand - this machine does it for you. If you find yourself pouring out cold pots of coffee, consider a Mr. Coffee® Single Cup Keurig Brewed® System so you can make just one cup at a time and enjoy the convenience of this efficient coffee maker!

Splurge on Fresh Beans
There is a huge taste difference between pre-ground coffee blends that come in large quantities and small-batch, whole bean coffee. Allocate some of your holiday gift money to purchasing better coffee for a few months. Head to the coffee aisle at your grocery store and go straight to the fresh beans. Look for single origin roasts to try their unique flavors like hazelnut, fruit and notes of caramel. Most stores offer a grinder on sight so make sure you know what size your preferred coffee maker requires. Or, for the freshest taste possible, bring the whole beans home and grind them in a Mr. Coffee® Automatic Burr Mill Grinder.

coffee beans, coffee cherries, coffee roasters, roasteries, Mr. CoffeeAt a coffee roaster you can see how the fruit is removed coffee cherries, leaving behind beans.

Tour a Roaster
Have you ever wanted to know more about coffee? Sure, you can browse the internet to see where it's commonly grown and check infographics explaining the roasting process. But that's not very memorable. Instead, head to a local roaster to see the process in real life. There is truly nothing like the smell of green coffee beans being heated to the taste you love. Most roasters offer tours so curious coffee fans can see the facility and even enjoy a coffee cupping to learn about taste notes and different in-house varieties. Make sure you bring home your favorite beans from the tasting so you can replicate the unforgettable flavor in your own house. You'll learn tons of information to dazzle friends and family the next time you enjoy a cuppa together. 

Amp up Your Accessory Game
To make coffee you only need water, beans and a machine, plus a sweet mug to drink out of. However, you can make this process easier, more fun and with improved efficiency if you have the help of a few accessories. Spend some holiday dough on upping your daily coffee game by purchasing a heavy-duty tumbler. Unfortunately, those plastic ones many cafes sell just don't do the trick. To really keep coffee and tea hot you need a double-walled vessel with a leak proof lid. If you enjoy a drink on your daily commute, consider a tumbler without a handle as these tend to better fit in the car cup holders. 

If you're an espresso fan, you should know that a stainless steel milk frothing pitcher is the way to go. This material will help you tell how hot the milk is as you froth it, promoting the best temperature and consistency for your drinks. It's also difficult to break and easy to clean. 

"Give tea a chance."

Change up Your Drink
If you're a coffee fan, you may have never really thought about changing your daily caffeine routine. But, why not give tea a chance? There are so many tasty varieties of this drink there are sure to be several that make your taste buds sing. Treat yourself to a tea starter kit including a Mr. Coffee® Hot Tea Maker and Kettle, some loose leaf teas and a new mug. Try a black, green and tisane tea option to get a good idea of what teas you might enjoy drinking regularly.