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College Essentials: What You Need to Start the New Semester off Right

Sadly, winter break is over and it's time to hit the books again. The beginning of the semester is usually easier than the rest, but it can still be hard to stay awake during your early morning classes. If your sleep schedule was thrown off by a month away from school, look to your dear old friend coffee to give you a helping hand.

When you're heading back to your dorm, make sure you have these four things on hand.

1. The Mr. Coffee Pour! Brew! Go!
The Mr. Coffee® Pour! Brew! Go! is a coffee maker and travel mug all wrapped up in one awesome package. To start, it comes in five bold colors and is designed to fit in your hand easily. The travel mug is also super easy to port around in your backpack and won't spill onto your textbooks. If you bike, skate or board to school every day, this is the coffee maker you need. It's also quick, for those times when your alarm clock "accidentally" fails.

2. Coffee Grounds
You can't have a delicious cup of coffee without your favorite roast of coffee grounds. Make sure to pack as much as you can, so you don't run out by the time finals come around. If you live with a roommate, consider sharing the cost of fresh grounds - that way you can splurge and get the really good stuff.

Coffee: The perfect study buddy.Coffee: The perfect study buddy.

3. A Note-Taking App
No, not for taking notes in class - for taking notes about your coffee! Grab a simple note-taking app from the app store and keep it on your phone. If you're experimenting with a new ratio to get your ideal cup of coffee, this is where you can keep your research notes. Then you can compare notes with your coffee-drinking buddies. You can also keep track of interesting recipe ideas in your app. Start by checking out this list for inspiration.

4. An Electric French Press
The Mr. Coffee® Electric French Press is perfect for cramped dorm spaces. It combines a hot water kettle and a French press into one excellent machine. So when you're lounging around on the weekend, you can fire up the press, sit back, and enjoy your fresh coffee in a few moments. Afterwards, you should probably do your homework.