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4 Ways to Recycle Your Coffee Grounds

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4 Ways to Recycle Your Coffee Grounds
Once you brew a fresh carafe of coffee, you probably dump the used grounds into a trash can. There's nothing wrong with that - coffee grounds are naturally biodegradable - but there are many other ways you can reuse the grounds. Use your brewed coffee grounds in the following ways to reduce waste:

1. Compost
Composting your coffee grounds is one of the easiest ways to use them again. If you compost at home, you only need to toss the grounds in with the other organic materials. Many larger cities even have community compost programs that will deliver and pick up buckets from your home. It's a great idea for those who live in apartments and therefore don't have the space for a compost pile.

2. Fertilizer
If you're a gardener, you can use your coffee grounds as a fertilizer. Whether you grow flowers or veggies, most plants respond positively to coffee grounds. The caffeine has positive effects on some plants and others benefit from the natural aeration provided by the organic material. Additionally, the grounds will repel slugs and other pests while attracting beneficial earthworms.

Coffee makes great fertilizer. Coffee makes great fertilizer.

3. Odor Absorber
Like baking soda, you can use coffee grounds to absorb odors in your refrigerator. Simply place them in a small container - preferably made of glass - and leave it in the back of your fridge. After a week or two, replace with more grounds.

4. Exfoliator
Coffee can be used in several ways to make your skin and hair appear healthier. An easy way to do so is to take your grounds with you into the shower. Before you wash your face, gently rub a handful of used grounds over your skin, then rinse - don't worry, it's OK for coffee grounds to go down the drain. Doing this once or twice a week will help you skin stay soft and bright.