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What Coffee Grinder is Best for You?

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You can perfect the fresh taste of your coffee by grinding coffee beans before brewing and enjoy the truest, richest flavor possible. Read on to learn about different types of grinders and specific settings and capabilities to look for.

Understanding the settings
A good grinder doesn't just have a bean reservoir and an on button. The key role of these devices is to smoothly and thoroughly grind the beans into a consistent mix that is the perfect size for your brewing method of choice. This requires multiple options for different size grinds and amounts of beans. Let's say you want to grind only enough coffee to make two shots of espresso. Can your current grinder handle such a small load? If not, consider getting a new one. Does your grinder feature a variety of settings so you can go from a medium blend roast in a French Press to a light roast for a full pot of regular coffee? These brewing methods require different sized grounds to extract optimal coffee flavor. Look for a grinder that offers a plethora of settings and weights so you can do it all.

Mr. Coffee, automatic burr grinder, burr coffee grinder, coffee grinderThe Mr. Coffee® Automatic Burr Grinder consistently grinds beans for a flavorful cup of coffee.

Manual versus automaticWhat is a burr grinder?
One of the terms you'll come upon while searching types of grinders is "burr." A regular coffee grinder uses blades to grind the beans. A burr machine, however, features plates. This creates a more uniform grind, making better use of each and every bean. The more consistent the grind size is, the better the cup of coffee. And the more flavorful the overall taste. Plus, it's much easier to consistently enjoy the same brew day after day when your grinder creates a uniform set of grounds with every use. The Mr. Coffee® Automatic Burr Mill Grinder has 18 settings, including super fine and course. The removable bean hopper can hold up to 1/2 pound of coffee, making it easy to brew a full pot or just a few cups.

While researching grinders, you'll also come across two major options - manual and automatic. Manual grinders feature a hand crank and take some effort to churn and cut the beans to the perfect texture and size. Automatic grinders do all the work for you. Some, like the Mr. Coffee® Automatic Burr Grinder, have an automatic shutoff so they stop running once the hopper is empty of beans. Others have an off switch for the user to flick once there are no more beans to grind. Each offers their own benefits, like the manual is a fun way to watch the grinding process and is a great idea for people who want coffee while camping or otherwise away from electricity. Automatic grinders are better for people who want to have a less hands-on experience.