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What's the Difference Between Loose Leaf Tea or Bagged?

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If you prefer drinking tea over coffee, you might want to learn more about the differences in brewing with tea bags versus tea leaves. You may grab one or the other depending on what kinds of tea are around or how much time you have, but it's important to know about each type. Read on to increase your in-tea-lligence.

Which has More Flavor?
Bagged tea is made of small crushed pieces of tea leaves. The leaves are often a blend of different teas, from varying regions and plants. They are also typically much older than loose leaf because they have to go through a longer packaging process. Loose leaf teas consist of pieces of leaves that you can actually see, along with other spices, herbs and even fruits. All of these factors combine to make loose leaf options the better variety for flavor.

Which has More Caffeine? 
Some people would choose bagged versus loose leaf if it meant getting more caffeine. However, there is no clear winner in this race. Loose leaf teas are less processed, which means they offer more natural caffeine. Bagged versions feature more tea in a smaller area because the leaves are compacted so they also provide plenty of caffeine. Instead of worrying about loose versus bagged, consider the actual tea. For the most caffeine, choose a black tea. Green is also a great option. 

Mr. Coffee, tea, loose leaf tea, bagged teaBagged tea is packaged for a longer shelf life.

Which Lasts Longer?
Bagged tea is made to sit in a cupboard for months and still offer a strong flavor that goes well with milk and sugar. Loose leaf varieties can be kept for long periods too, but they require sealed jars to keep the aroma and taste intact. In terms of brewing, you can double brew many loose leaf teas because they still offer a lot of flavor. Bagged teas are made for one use only and provide little taste on a second round. 

What brews best?
Unlike other tea brewers on the market, the Mr. Coffee® Hot Tea Maker and Kettle can brew either loose or bagged teas. For bagged teas, simply add as many packets as cups of tea that you're brewing to the stainless steel filter. For loose leaf tea, add teaspoons as according to the tea variety's instructions. The filter will keep the tea leaves and other edibles from leaking into the water and eventually your mouth. Use the custom brewing buttons to indicate what type of tea you're brewing, black or white for example, and the kettle will alert you with a beep when your tea is done steeping. 

Overall, loose leaf tea offers more flavor and aroma, but packaged tea is convenient and both create tasty beverages with the help of a Mr. Coffee® Hot Tea Maker and Kettle.