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Healthier Ways to Sweeten Your Coffee

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If you enjoy sweetened coffee, there are alternate ways to enhance your coffee flavor instead of with refined sugar. Rather than reaching for the sugar bowl, try these indulgent touches of sweetness:

This tasty syrup is a great substitute for sugar because it offers a similar sweetness. Depending on where you shop, you should be able to find a selection of honey varieties which vary in taste and color. Also, it is said that natural, unprocessed, unfiltered honey offers health benefits as well.

Agave syrup
You may have heard of this sweetener for its use in baked goods or cocktails. Agave syrup is made from a plant, often found in Mexico. It is sweeter than sugar so you'll need far less to stir into your coffee. It has the consistency of maple syrup, and can easily be dissolved in hot coffee.

stevia, coffee, sweetener, Mr. CoffeeTry sweetening your coffee with Stevia.

Stevia is a naturally-occurring sweetener that has no calories and is derived from a plant. The sources may range from New Mexico to Arizona or Texas, meaning the sweetener travels a shorter distance than sugar grown outside of the country. Because of this shorter travel time, no added chemicals are needed to keep it fresh. Stevia is sweeter than regular sugar so be sure to add a little bit at a time, much less than your teaspoon or more of sugar, until you know how much you like. You can find stevia in liquid or granulated form.

Flavored milk
The dairy aisle at your local grocery store has likely expanded in the past 10 years as veganism and paleo diets became more popular. Today you have a ton of choices, from regular skim, 1 and 2 percent milk to cashew and soy milk or even goat milk. With all these choices how do you make a decision? If you want to reduce the amount of sugar you stir into your coffee, look for a low-fat flavored milk variety. Vanilla soymilk, for example, provides some sweetness while also cutting through the dark tastes of the coffee.

If none of these are working for your taste buds, consider switching your brew itself. A dark roast may require more sugar to lighten up the flavor, so try a lighter option and you might not need sweetener at all.