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Why Does Freshly Ground Coffee Taste so Good?

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You can't beat the flavor of freshly ground beans and spices. It brings out true taste as it's meant to be. Isn't fresh-ground pepper bolder and stronger than pre-ground? And how about ginger? Doesn't freshly ground ginger have an extra zing compared to what you find in the spice aisle of the supermarket? The same holds true for coffee. Use freshly ground beans and you'll enjoy the richest taste, aroma and coffee experience in every cup.

What Happens When Coffee is Ground?
A great coffee maker like the Mr. Coffee® Single Cup Coffeemaker with Built-in Grinder is a crucial component in brewing a tasty cup of coffee. But, the actual beans themselves also play a similarly important role! Coffee beans can be as complex in character as wines, and with the delicate nature of beans, their flavor is impacted the moment they're ground.

coffee, espresso, Mr. CoffeeA good cup of coffee isn't just taste - it's smell, too!

What's the Big Deal About Fresh Grounds?
From the moment beans are broken open they begin to lose flavor as the oils seep out. The aroma they give off decreases over time, and eventually if grounds sit long enough without being used, they will no longer offer taste at all. While pre-ground coffee is packaged in tins or bags that seal in freshness and prevent air exchange, air further compromises taste and aroma once the package is opened. 

How Does the Aroma Enhance the Experience?
When you brew coffee, how do you feel when the rich, flavorful smell reaches your nose? Many people say that first moment of coffee brewing makes them feel at home and is relaxing. Others find it energizing because they know the anticipation of the first sip will soon be satisfied. Whatever emotion is evoked, the incomparable aroma becomes that much richer when brewed with freshly-ground beans.

The Mr. Coffee® Single Cup Coffee​ Maker with Bulit-in Grinder brews tasty coffee directly into the included travel mug. Because it features it's own grinder, you can quickly grind just enough beans for one serving of your favorite brew. This means enjoying the freshest cup of coffee now and in the future when you brew again. Plus, in the time it would take you to load a pod in a traditional single cup coffee maker, you can instead pour in flavorful beans and brew a richer-tasting single cup of coffee. The permanent, dishwasher-safe filter is easy to remove and clean for optimal coffee taste every time.