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Brew the Perfect Iced Tea This Summer

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When you hear the word, "summer" what comes to mind? You'll likely see images of sun, sand and surf - but what about iced tea? Staying hydrated is important as the temperatures soar, and what better way to do so than by enjoying a nice cold glass of tea? Follow these tips to make the tastiest brew this season:

Selecting a Tea
There are thousands of kinds of tea available across the world. How do you know which ones are best for iced tea? Thankfully, they can all be great iced, it just depends on what flavors you prefer. Many people enjoy fruit teas, also known as tisanes, during the hot months because they are sweet and sour  - perfect for quenching your thirst! Passion fruit, pineapple and hibiscus mixes or solo teas are all delicious when iced. For a more classic tea flavor, opt for a green, black or white tea. You can even add a touch of the fruitier options to your classic tea to mix up your flavors. Remember, whether you brew with a Mr. Coffee® Iced Tea Maker or a Mr. Coffee® Tea Cafe Iced Tea Maker, you will love the flavor-infused teas you can make at home. Use loose leaf tea or opt for 5-7 regular-sized tea bags. 

Consider Brew Strength
When comparing iced tea from a cafe to the kind you can make at home, many people complain theirs isn't as flavorful. Often the culprit is brew strength. When you add ice to a drink, it becomes watery, so it's important to up the amount of tea you're using to account for the melting ice. Mr. Coffee® Iced Tea Makers have a brew strength adjuster to allow you to control the flavor. Opt to turn the brew dial to the far right for the strongest tea options. Think about how much ice you prefer in your drink when choosing a brew strength. If you like a lot of cubes, turn up the dial. It's not a bad idea to freeze some of your favorite tea in ice trays to further prevent your tea from becoming watery. 

Serve and Enjoy 
While the brewing part of iced tea is super important, so is the way you serve it! Consider chilling glasses in the fridge or freezer for 15 minutes before pouring your tea. This will slow down the warming process. To make your tasty beverages look like you're on vacation at a beautiful resort, add garnishes! These should match the flavor of your tea, like combining mint leaves on the edge of a green tea. Or, cut up some fruit and slide a wedge onto the rim of your chilled glasses. You can even dress up the icecubes by freezing berries, herbs or edible flowers in them half a day or more before you plan to enjoy your tea. Take inspiration from swanky cocktails - adding sugar around the rim is a fun touch! Plus, there's always little umbrellas or a small skewer of melon balls and other fruits to jazz up your tea.