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How to Make Rich, Flavorful Coffee in a French Press

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In order to make incredible tasting coffee, you have to have three things: flavorful beans, the right coffee maker and a little know-how. For those looking to take a more hands-on approach than simply pushing a button and letting a drip maker do it's thing, using a French press is a great next-step. These machines require a little knowledge to get the best cup of coffee possible. Here are some tips to help you make rich, delicious coffee in a French press at home:

Begin With the Beans
Each type of coffee maker requires different sized grounds. If you use a grind that is too fine, you may end up with grinds in your beverage. Grinds that are too course for the coffee maker will result in watery, bland coffee.  For a French press like the Mr. Coffee® Electric French Press, it's best to start with a course grind with the beans ground up to about the size of bread crumbs. Fine grinds will lead to a bitter cup of coffee, so think big. The process of using a French press is like steeping looseleaf tea - the grinds steep in the hot water, so course grounds are key. 

Stir the Mix
Many people think that French Presses require only pouring boiling water over the grounds and then waiting to plunge. While this method works, it won't give you the best tasting coffee without some movement. First, pour water into your Mr. Coffee® Electric French Press. Then, wait as it heats up. When it's ready, add the grounds and wait a full minute while they soak. Use a spoon to break up the grounds floating at the top so they start to sink. Remove as many clumps as possible in a minute or two. 

Plunge Slowly
After four minutes of the grounds soaking in your French press, make sure the lid is properly on the the plunger is in place. Slowly press down to separate the grounds from the fresh coffee. The plunger won't require much pressure, so make sure you don't overdo it. Now that the grounds are at the bottom, pour the brew into your favorite mug and enjoy your delicious creation. The Mr. Coffee® Electric French Press makes 34 ounces of coffee, for a total of 6 cups. If you made several cups worth, pour them into mugs right away. The longer the water sits in the press, the more the bitterness will increase. Although the grounds are separated from the coffee, they are still seeping.

The French Press is a great way to get more personal with your coffee. It's less work and time-consuming than a pourover, but you can still easily make hand-brewed coffee for yourself or even a kitchen full of guests. The Mr. Coffee® Electric French Press does all the temperature control for you, so you don't have to worry about this sometimes finicky part of the process. Instead, just add coffee grounds and water, stir, plunge and pour.