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4 Sweetener Options to Try in Your Daily Brew

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That rich, delicious flavor of coffee is only enhanced with a bit of sweetness. Plain sugar is always an option and can be found just about anywhere, but not everyone wants to use these tiny crystals. There are plenty of other options that offer unique flavors to further change your tasty brew. Here are four sweeteners to try in your favorite brew:

1. Agave
Have you ever noticed a syrup-like bottle at a cafe that looks like honey? It's probably agave. This is a plant-based sweetener that is more sweet than sugar, so make sure you add only a little at a time when you first try it. Agave is mostly fructose, which has a milder flavor than sugar. Because of its syrupy nature, it's easy to stir agave into hot coffee. The heat of the drink dissolves the syrup leaving you with a slightly sweet drink and no granules left behind. The next time you brew a pot in your Mr. Coffee® Advanced Brew 8-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe, pour a spot of agave into your cup before you take a sip. Give it a quick stir with a spoon and enjoy. Because of the thermal carafe, the coffee made in this coffee maker will stay hot for several hours, until the maker automatically shuts off after two hours. You won't have to microwave your cup of joe before enjoying it - just pour and drink.

"Add honey to your coffee for a different hint of sweet."

2. Honey
It's pretty common to sweeten tea with honey, but have you ever added this tasty syrup to your coffee? Honey adds a very unique flavor depending on where it was collected. Bees that frequent alfalfa fields, for example, will create honey that is light amber or white in color and has a very light flavor. Bees that pollinate buckwheat will create dark brown honey that has a rich, strong taste. Try out a little sip of various honeys before deciding which to add to your coffee. Generally, lighter hued options have less intense flavors, while more brown or reddish honey varietal's have more noticeable flavor notes. To really gain insight into honey, talk with local beekeepers to learn what their insects pollinate and how it changes their honey flavor. Add a teaspoon or so to your coffee, stir and sip.

maple syrupThe darker the syrup the more intense the flavor.

3. Maple syrup
You don't have to be Canadian to add maple syrup to something other than pancakes. Why should you try adding this delicious syrup to your coffee? Maple syrup is a sweetener, but it's not just providing a sugary flavor to your favorite brew. Like honey, maple syrup has many unique flavors, all depending on the particular batch's complexities. Not unlike the intricacies of coffee tasting, maple syrup offers many flavor notes, such as hazelnut, vanilla and soil. The lighter the syrup, the finer the taste. Try a little bit on a spoon before pouring some into your coffee to ensure you're a fan of the taste. You might have to make flapjacks to go with this combo - they're the perfect addition to a delicious cup of coffee.

4. Brown sugar
Most people only keep brown sugar at home if they bake or have a thing for sweet potatoes. Surprise! Brown sugar is an awesome sweetener for coffee. What's the difference between this darker-hued version and it's white granulated cousin? Flavor. Brown sugar offers a molasses taste as it's made with the sweet stuff. In fact, brown sugar is just white sugar with molasses added back in. If you like a smokey, chocolatey sweetness with your coffee try a half a teaspoon of brown sugar. It will melt right in and leave a little hint of sugar on your tongue with every drink.