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Personalize Your Valentine's Morning Coffee

When February 14th comes around, don't panic. This is a day of showing your loved ones that you care about them and appreciate their very existence. Maybe you forgot a gift or even don't participate in this tradition. There are still ways to make your someone special feel loved. Why not create a personalized V-Day coffee drink just for him or her? Here are a few options to try:

Pour a Heart Latte Art
What is the most Instagrammable part of coffee? Latte art, of course. Brighten up your love's day by creating a heart in his or her latte. To do so, brew espresso as usual and froth your milk. Two percent works best but other milks will too - the goal is to steam the milk into a creamy texture and then move the frothing wand to the top of the pitcher to aerate the top layer into a light foam. This thicker area is what you'll use to create the heart.

With the espresso brewed into a large-lipped cup, hold the cup at a slight angle toward you and pour the steamed milk straight into the espresso. Once you halfway fill the cup, lightly wiggle the milk pitcher back and forth to create a wiggling line while you slowly push the milk pitcher forward and back off on the milk flow. This will create the two sides of the heart with layers of darker and lighter colors. Once your pitcher reaches the edge of the mug this will form the point of the heart! Just be sure to pour slowly so you can stop as needed. This may take a little practice, so try it out a few times before the big day to make sure you can pour the perfect heart.

For an extra touch of Valentine's Day flair, add a couple drops of red food coloring into the milk before you steam it. This will turn your latte pink and accentuate your heart art. To make the flavor match the color, add a few pumps of strawberry syrup. For additional videos and tips, check out the Mr. ®Coffee YouTube channel.

sprinkles, donuts, doughnutsSprinkles and frosting add a colorful element to your Valentine's Breakfast.

Add Sprinkles of Color
Coffee in itself is boring in terms of colors - it's just different shades of brown! To bring some Valentine's hues into your partner's cup of joe, add some sprinkles. You can buy sparkly sugar ones in reds and pinks or regular bright sprinkles. Add a dash to the plate around your partner's coffee mug or tea cup, or even to the rim of the mug. To do this, lightly rim the lip of a coffee mug with chocolate syrup, caramel or maple syrup and then lightly pat sprinkles into the sticky area before filling it with espresso or whatever is your love's favorite drink. Not only will the beverage look delicious, it'll taste extra special too!

Don't just limit the sprinkles to the drink. Give your love a tasty pastry or other breakfast treat. For those sweet lovers in your life, go for a festive chocolate croissant. More health-conscious people may prefer a blueberry muffin from their favorite bakery or, better yet, bake something amazing! You could even create an entire awesome breakfast from scrambled eggs to heart-shaped toast sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Or, try making a birds nest by using a heart cookie cutter to remove a section from the middle of a piece of bread. Place it in a hot pan and crack an egg into the heart. As the egg fries it will fill the hole, making a tasty celebratory breakfast your loved one won't soon forget. 

"Create a fun drink your loved one would splurge on."

Make a Mocha
Perhaps your loved one usually drinks a regular coffee every day while getting ready for work. Liven up this routine by creating something more like a weekend drink that he or she would splurge on. Mochas are a popular choice as the chocolate flavor goes great with Saturday brunch. Make your Valentine feel like it's the weekend on any day by creating a mocha at home. Pour chocolate sauce into the bottom of a cappuccino cup before brewing espresso into it. Once the espresso is done, use a spoon to stir the chocolate into the warm coffee. Add steamed milk and use the tips above to make a mocha milk heart! This drink makes the best latte art because the color of the chocolatey espresso makes the milk stand out even more.

Enjoy Tasty Pairings
While your special someone enjoys his or her V-Day coffee, provide another extra treat. Doughnuts pair well with coffee, as do chocolate-dipped biscotti or even a cranberry orange muffin. Make these pastries yourself with family recipes (or ones found on the beloved Pinterest!). Or, buy treats from a local bakery to show you pay attention and know what your partner likes. You can even ask the bakers what they think would go best with the special Valentine's Day drink you plan to prepare. They may have excellent suggestions based on specific flavors and ingredients in their baked goods that would go well with your drink. A lavender lemon bread, for example, would beautifully bring out the lighter notes in a single-origin brew. 

Valentine's Day, Valentine, breakfast, Mr. CoffeeMake V-Day breakfast even more special with a handwritten card.

Include a Love Letter
When your loved one sees the wonderful breakfast and coffee beverage you prepared, he or she will be filled with love and gratitude. Further those warm fuzzy feelings with a letter sharing your love. You can buy a tasteful card with well wishes inside and then add on your own thoughts in pen. Or, make a V-Day card at home with the help of construction paper, scissors, glue and markers. This project doesn't have to look like little kid art - although, if you have kids they will have a blast getting involved making personalized cards for their mom or dad! 

Some people are afraid of how to really profess their feelings on paper. Nothing you write will sound like a fancy card, but that's OK - it's much more customized to your relationship and love. Some people go for elegant, beautiful cards with flowing cursive handwritten love notes. Others would rather make a less-than-perfect greeting card that's full of heart with inside jokes and little whimsical wishes. 

"Valentine's Day doesn't have to be solely about romantic love."

Spread the Love Elsewhere
Valentine's Day doesn't have to be solely about romantic love. There are so many people in your life who you appreciate, why stop with just showing your partner you care? Bring festive baked goods to the office so your coworkers and bosses know you are grateful for their hard work and collaboration. Make your kids, parents an other relatives cards or drop off some homemade cookies decked out in icing and sprinkles. Leave the mail person a little valentine complete with a chocolate bar to say thanks for all those important deliveries. You could even host a Valentine's party to gather all those you love in one place to enjoy a good meal and spend a few hours together. What better way to show you care and ensure everyone you hold near and dear has something to do on this lovely night? 

This Valentine's Day, show you're loved ones that you care with hot drinks, flaky pastries and love letters.