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Traveling Coffee: Getting Your Cuppa on the Road

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For many people, the day cannot start without coffee. This vital drink gives life with the tantalizing aroma and caffeinated joy that accompany a fresh brew. So what happens when you don't roll out of your own bed in the morning because you're on the go? Whether you travel for business or pleasure, it's important to have access to the coffee you love wherever you are. Don't worry, we've got tips to help you follow your usual coffee routine no matter where you wake up:

Bring or Buy Coffee Beans
The most unique part of your coffee experience is the beans themselves. If you have a favorite roast, bring some with when you travel. Store beans in an airtight container to preserve the oils that create the taste you love. Or, grind the beans and store them in a plastic bag so you're prepared for all your coffee needs during the trip. You could also get a more local experience by purchasing beans at a local roasterie at your destination. The flavor of coffee in each city and roasterie are different, and it's a huge part of the culture. Some would even say you haven't visited a city until you've tasted its coffee. If you like to switch things up day-to-day ou can always bring along a dark, medium or light roast so you have some control over what flavor you choose. Then, look at the taste notes like fruity, mahogany or earthy to see what sounds good in the moment while traveling. 

"Bring your own grinder and fresh beans."

Grab a Grinder
If you carry coffee beans when you travel, you'll also need access to a grinder. Bring along a personal grinder in your checked luggage to ensure you'll have fresh coffee grounds even in the middle of the night. In a pinch, you can always head to a local grocery store near your destination and run your beans through the grinder in the coffee aisle. Keep in mind you may get a few left over grounds that linger in the machine between each use. Take along the Mr. Coffee® Coffee Grinder so you can easily adjust your grind to the coffee maker supplied in your hotel room.

coffee, travel mug, travel, Mr. Coffee, Pour! Brew! Go!The Mr. Coffee Pour! Brew! Go! brews fresh coffee right into a travel mug for easy drinking on the go.

Don't Forget a Coffee Maker
The Mr. Coffee® Pour! Brew! Go! Personal Coffee Maker is the perfect coffee maker to bring on urban trips. Forget those mornings when the hotel coffee maker isn't working and you have to buy a $5 cuppa from a cafe. Instead, bring your own coffee maker. Just plug it in, add water and your favorite coffee grounds and at the touch of a button, you're ready to rock. Plus, this machine brews directly into an insulated to-go mug that's easy to carry and clean so you can head out the door moments after you press the brew button. 

Don't forget your toppings! If you need additional flavors in your coffee, buy creamer, sugar or even tiny simple syrups when you reach your destination. Or, if you prefer to bring these items from home, follow TSA regulations on any liquids to ensure your favorite coffee condiments make it through airport security. Hotels and other accommodations typically offer cream and sugar in every room along with the in-room coffee maker so don't hesitate to skip bringing your own unless you won't be staying at a hotel.