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5 summer teas to enjoy in warm weather

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After a long, chilly winter that melted into a cool and changeable spring, summer has finally made a welcome reappearance! And in many parts of the country it's brought plenty of sunshine and heat along with it. The warm days are ideal for long afternoons lounging at the beach, before early evening cookouts spent in the company of beloved family and friends. 

If you're planning your next summer gathering, you may be wondering about what kinds of drinks to add to your menu. You'll no doubt already have the essentials down- cold beers, some choice cocktails and of course, plenty of soda for the kids. But did you remember the iced tea? It's light, non-alcoholic and ideal for those looking to satisfy their thirst during the dog days of summer. Better still, there actually many ways to spice up this old warm-weather classic.

If you're eager to serve some iced tea drinks with refreshing twists that your guests will adore, fire up your Mr. Coffee® Tea Café Iced Tea Maker and read on - we've got a guide to five delicious recipes below! 

1. Mint-Ginger Iced Tea
Simple to make and providing a sweet taste that will really hit the spot, the mint-ginger iced tea should be a mainstay on any summer menu. To create this recipe you'll need to grab mint tea and ginger. The ginger should be peeled and crushed with a mallet. Aim to get around 6 ounces. 

Once you have all your ingredients, break out your Mr. Coffee® Tea Café Iced Tea Maker. Add the mint tea - six to eight bags will be needed for a big party - to the brew basket, along with the ginger. Ice should be placed in the pitcher. Then simply brew the tea using your machine. 

Consider adding some honey or some sugar for a little sweetness! Just be sure to stir in before the water cools!

2. Classic Sweet Tea
Nothing beats a classic sweet tea - it's a staple of southern living and absolutely perfect for those humid summer nights when guests gather on your porch and the laughter and conversation flows into the wee hours. Better still, it's incredibly easy to make. You just need your kettle, some tea bags, syrup or sugar and around an eighth of baking soda. 

Prepare your classic sweet tea like this: Boil some water before adding tea bag and the baking soda to your pitcher. Once the water is ready pour over the tea bags and baking soda. The add the sugar or syrup and stir. Remove the tea bags and let the drink cool. When ready just serve over ice, adding more sugar if necessary. There you have it, a simple sweet tea - perfect for those with an insatiable sweet tooth! 

"Nothing beats a classic sweet tea!"

3. Mango Iced Tea
Dubbed the "king of fruits," succulent and oh-so-summery mangos are certainly deserving of their memorable moniker! If you're keen to incorporate this delectable fruit into your summer drinks menu, you can't go wrong with a moreish mango iced tea. For this summery special you'll need to grab the following: tea bags - green or black will be fine - one mango, mint leaves and some lemon slices. Adjust the amount of tea bags to reflect the size of the batch you want to make.

Use your Mr. Coffee® Tea Café Iced Tea Maker to brew your iced tea while you crush up the mango into a paste-like consistency. Be sure to remove the skin first. Once the mango is ready add it your pitcher of iced tea and stir until all ingredients are properly blended. Add lemon and additional sugar, if you so wish. Serve with a mint garnish on top. Unbelievably satisfying, your guests will be begging you for this luscious recipe!

Raspberry iced tea is a delicious and refreshing beverage, perfect for any summer party menu!Raspberry iced tea is a delicious and refreshing beverage, perfect for any summer party menu!

4. White Citrus Iced Tea
Known for its low caffeine levels and abundance of antioxidants, white tea is a perfect choice if you're considering a more health-conscious alternative for your summer drinks menu. To create your refreshing white citrus iced tea you'll need a citrus fruit of your choosing - an orange tends to work really well - and some white tea.

Place ice cubs in your pitcher and add the white tea to the brewing basket in your Mr. Coffee® Tea Café Iced Tea Maker. Brew the tea and then squeeze the citrus juice into the mixture. For additional sweetness consider adding a little sugar or honey. Serve to your guests ice cold! A perfect health-focused pick me up for any summer soiree!

5. Raspberry Iced Tea
A fruity twist that surely won't go amiss, the raspberry iced tea is a perfect refresher for when the temperature starts to climb. For this recipe you'll need to find tea bags, sugar and fresh frozen apple-raspberry juice concentrate. To make a large pitcher you'll need around eight tea bags.

Fire up your Mr. Coffee® Tea Café Iced Tea Maker, brew a fresh batch of iced tea and let it steep. Once the tea is ready simply mix in the frozen apple-raspberry juice concentrate. For a final touch add a garnish of fresh raspberries to enhance the summer fruit flavors. A perfect beverage to round off a memorable summer gathering!