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Dress Up your Iced Coffee with these Add Ins

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It's summer, and as the temperature soars and the humidity rises, many of us are swapping our favorite hot coffees for their cold cousins. That's right, it's iced coffee season! But if cream and a little sugar are your go-to add-ins for your iced java, then it may be time to reconsider! Did you know that there are countless ways to spice up your favorite cup of joe over ice? Eager to learn more? We've got a breakdown of some iced coffee add-ins that you simply must try this season!

1. Vanilla Ice Cream
Keen to create your own coffee-flavored milkshake-esque drink at home? All you really need to do is add a dollop or two of vanilla ice cream to create that java-inspired dessert you've been craving. Drink as is, or pull out your blender and throw it all in to create a real home-made frappe! Just don't forget to add some extra milk or cream to enhance the flavor further!

2. A Shot (or two) of Espresso
This may sound crazy, but if you need an extra kick in your iced coffee to get you through the afternoon, fire up your Mr. Coffee® Steam Espresso & Cappuccino Maker and add a couple of shots of espresso to your icy treat! Just be sure to let the piping hot espresso cool to room temperature first. 

3. Coconut Water
This beverage is all the rage at the moment, and it's easy to see why - not only is it delicious, but it provides a whole host of health benefits, thanks to the high amounts of crucial vitamins and minerals. Better still, when added to your iced coffee, the coconut water produces an almost chocolatey flavor! Delicious!

Consider adding sweet condensed milk to your iced coffee to create a delicious java drink, Vietnamese style!Consider adding sweet condensed milk to your iced coffee to create a delicious java drink, Vietnamese-style!

4. Coffee Ice Cubes
Perhaps the only drawback of iced coffee is that the ice cubes themselves can have a diluting effect on the coffee, curtailing that morning buzz needed to get yourself out of bed and to the office. Thankfully, there's an ingenious way around this - coffee ice cubes! Simply grab some leftover coffee from the last batch you made with your Mr. Coffee® Steam Espresso & Cappuccino Maker and freeze it in an ice cube tray. Problem solved - your iced coffee can't be diluted by the cubes when the cubes themselves are made of coffee!

5. Sweetened Condensed Milk
A delicious substitute for conventional milk or cream, sweetened condensed milk can actually help give your iced coffee an international flair! How? Well sweetened condensed milk is the primary ingredient in Vietnamese iced coffee! Make the switch today and savor the delectable flavor of this Eastern treat!

6. Frangelico
Looking for a different kind of kick from your iced coffee? Perhaps you have a big night on the town planned and are looking to spice up your coffee with something that will get you in the party mood? Look no further than frangelico, a delicious liqueur that complements iced coffee perfectly. With delectable notes of cinnamon, hazelnut and cocoa, this boozy iced beverage could be a major hit at any summer soiree.

7. Spices
Are you a pumpkin spiced latte fiend who simply can't wait until fall for their favorite treat? The next best substitute is to add some spices to your homemade cold brew. Some of the tastiest options include nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, but if you want to be really be bold and create a coffee that packs a punch, consider adding cayenne pepper to the mix!