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5 Ways Social Media Can Change Coffee

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You like your social media like you like your coffee: simple, easy to digest and full of important nutrients. Okay, maybe that last is just for your coffee - but that doesn't mean your Instagram feed isn't an important way to morph your coffee experience into something more fulfilling. With the right know-how, you can transform your Instagram feed and Pinterest boards into a powerful tool you can use to solidify your coffee-making routine and get in the java groove.

Here are five ways Instagram and your other social media accounts can do some good in helping you improve your coffee routine:

1. Use Those Hashtags!

Far from being something that's just superfluously tagged to the end of a post, hashtags serve an important purpose. No matter what you're looking for, be it a new recipe for a vanilla latte or where to buy local beans, you can search for a hashtag and get answers to your coffee-related questions that way.

From there, follow the rabbit hole. Arguably one of the best things about the internet is its ability to show you things you didn't even know you were looking for. If you're searching out a cappuccino recipe, you might instead find yourself looking at a picture of a delicious-looking Frappe that you suddenly have a craving for. Follow a few hashtags for the ultimate coffee-lover experience and pepper your news feed with delightful photos of others enjoying their cups - just like you can.

2. Follow Your Favorite Barista or Coffee Blog

You don't just have to follow hashtags in a free-for-all kind of way. You can find a specific blog that tickles your fancy or simply follow a barista you admire. Instagram accounts like Barista Life are a window into the life of a barista - the trials, the tribulations and the amazing experiences that come with them.

In addition, your local coffee roasters most likely have their own pages or blogs. One of the best parts of being a coffee lover is the feeling when you find your perfect fit - with your local roaster, that is. Following blogs, pages and Pinterest boards is a great way to meet the roaster of your dreams so that you can fill your grinder with delicious beans - one step closer to the perfect cup.

Your local barista or roaster may have their own blog - check them out!Your local barista or roaster may have their own blog - check them out!

3. Coffee Recipes

This tip is true for Pinterest, Instagram, and even Facebook to some extent - some blogs and pages are specifically catered to those looking for a delicious new way of making their favorite drink. Many of these accounts can show you how to make the most consistent cup, so that you get full flavor and the right experience every time without worrying about spoiling your routine.

Beyond recipes, you can also find more ways to talk about coffee in different languages. For example, in Finnish, you would ask for a cup of kahvi, figure out which grinder is best for your preference (for instance, the Mr. Coffee® Automatic Burr Mill Grinder) or learn how much milk to put in your espresso for the perfect cappuccino - use a 2:1 ratio of espresso to milk, according to some blogs.

"In Finnish, you would ask for a cup of kahvi."

4. Give Feedback on Your Favorite Drinks

Do you have a fun story about making good coffee at home? Is there a certain frustration behind the brewing process that you just can't work out? We'd love to hear about it. Not just that - the internet in general - and social media in specific - is full of people who no doubt have had the same issues as you (or successes) and can help. Social media is all about community - and coming to the public forum with questions on how to get the best grind, or the smoothest cup, will be met with enthusiasm.

5. Follow Mr. Coffee

Go beyond just telling us about your positive stories with your favorite drink. For flavor tips, fun quotes and lots of yummy-looking drinks, Mr. Coffee's Instagram has everything you need. Let us help you improve your coffee experience - give us a like or a follow today!