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Coffee-Inspired Gifts for Spring

Do you have a friend or loved one who is crazy about all things coffee? Does caffeine run through their veins? If the answer is yes, consider surprising them with a coffee-inspired gift this spring! Whether it's for a birthday, graduation, anniversary or you simply want to show that person how much you care, our guide of coffee-themed presents will help you find an ideal gift for that java fanatic who holds a special place in your heart.

1. Mr. Coffee® Pour! Brew! Go! Personal Coffee Maker
Ideal for those with hectic schedules and minimal kitchen space, the Mr. Coffee® Pour! Brew! Go! Personal Coffee Maker is a sleekly designed personal coffee maker, replete with an easy-to-use travel-friendly insulated mug, available in a range of colors and sized to fit perfectly into the coffee maker. The device can brew up to 16 oz of coffee and uses coffee grounds as opposed to pods. The Mr. Coffee® Pour! Brew! Go! Personal Coffee Maker can be ordered online and includes free shipping.

2. Coffee-Themed Mugs
Head into any local family-owned gift store or independent online retailer and you'll be likely to find themed and humorous mugs, including mugs about coffee love and caffeine addiction. For example, sites such as Etsy include many options for coffee lovers, including a mug with the motto "coffee before talkie." Available from online retailer Amazon, there's also a mug that changes color. A dark backdrop, emblematic of night time, with a sleepy face etched on the front transforms into a lighter daytime color as hot water is poured in. With the presence of coffee, the tired face also shifts to a face that is wide awake and alert.

3. Coffee T-shirts
Consider surprising your friend or loved one with a coffee-themed t-shirt. Personalized gift website Etsy has a fantastic selection, including t-shirts themed on the popular television show "Gilmore Girls" - a family drama about a mother and daughter duo known for their insatiable love of coffee. A perfect gift for the coffee lovers and Stars Hollow fans in your life. 

There are a number of fantastic coffee mugs online.There are a number of fantastic coffee mugs online.

4. Mr.Coffee® Mug Warmer
Courtesy of the Mr.Coffee® Mug Warmer, you can give your friend or loved one the gift of an eternally toasty cup of joe. Powered by electricity, the mug warmer comes with a light indicator and on/off switch. Easily transportable, the extendable cord also means that the Mr.Coffee® Mug Warmer can be used virtually anywhere. And for under $10, this gift is thoughtful and an absolute steal!

5. Coffee Jewelry
For the coffee lover in your life who adores a gorgeous necklace or a captivating bracelet, consider a coffee-themed piece of jewelry. Quirky and unique, a surprising number of online retailers offer java-inspired jewels. For example, you can find a necklace carrying gold coffee molecules as well as coffee bean necklaces.

6. Cold Brew Coffee Set
In the sweltering summer months there's nothing quite like a cold brew iced coffee. Save your pal from spending money at their local coffee shop by buying them a cold brew coffee set. Widely available online, cold brew coffee sets typically come with special grinders and instructions for making the perfect cold brew.

7. Make your own Coffee Candle 
Consider making your own coffee candle! Simply purchase a plain unscented candle, crush some coffee grounds and coat the candle with them. The grounds will release a deep, aromatic java-infused scent that your loved one or close friend will no doubt love.