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Unique ways to use coffee that don't involve drinking it

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Coffee is always trendy. People will always love the tasty drink, whether touring the world in search of the best cup of joe or trolling the grocery store aisles for the best bagged beans. The latest coffee trends don't involve sipping at all! Instead, people use coffee in tons of unexpected ways. Here are a few:

To unclog your drain
When the kitchen sink clogs, most people turn to harsh chemicals that leave the house with an intense smell. Skip that method next time and opt for the coffee way! Just add half a cup of coffee grounds and half a cup of dish soap to the problem drain. Boil a kettle of hot water and pour that in too. The heat combines with the abrasive grinds and soup to whisk away buildup in your plumbing. Plus, that fruity java smell is much preferred to the bleach-like scent of premade drain cleaners.

exfoliant, coffee, coffee scrub, skincareCoffee grounds are the perfect exfoliant to promote soft skin.

In your skincare routine
Many facial and body scrubs feature tiny abrasive pieces to help exfoliate your skin. For many years, microbeads were commonly used. However, the tiny plastic pieces have been shown to pollute the planet, as they make their way through the water system and end up in lakes and streams and even inside wild animals' stomachs. So, skincare companies are going natural. What's a great abrasive material found in nature? Coffee! There are tons of coffee face and body products available at high-end makeup stores and big box companies alike. You can even make your own at home with the help of some coffee grounds, coconut oil and a touch of essential oil. Consider looking for a scrub or wash made with coffee grounds the next time you run out. You'll love the scent and your skin will feel amazing - especially if you normally have dry or flaky skin. Also check for coffee lip products. It's super helpful to exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick or stain as this prevents the color from flaking and cracking.

As a marinade
When you go to the grocery store, do you linger in the meat aisle wondering how to flavor and cook a tasty tenderloin or luscious roast? Hesitate no more! The answer is coffee. Making a rub or marinade can be intimidating. After all, measuring out all those spices in tiny amounts can take a bit of thyme... hardy har. Add a couple tablespoons of freshly ground coffee to any store bought rub or create your own. Common spices to use include chile powder, brown sugar, black pepper, coriander, ginger and brown sugar. Just make sure your Mr. Coffee® Automatic Burr Mill Grinder is on to the finest setting to provide the best coffee flavor in the rub. Coat your meat with the coffee rub and then follow proper cooking instructions. Letting the rub sit for a couple hours while the meat is in the refrigerator will help intensify that amazing flavor. Plus, you can use any rub that doesn't get used for your next amazing BBQ.

coffee, compost, Mr. Coffee, soil, gardeningAdd coffee to your garden to improve the soil and ward off slugs.

Improving your garden
Do you have a garden? Chances are, at some point you've experienced a deluge of slugs. These slimy buggers are not fans of coffee because its texture and smell bother them. You can create a slug barrier to repel them by adding coffee grounds to your soil. Plus, many people add grounds to their compost bins because coffee is full of nitrogen which is a great help for garden decomposition. Worms love coffee because they love nitrogen, and worms can keep your soil healthy by eating organic matter like fallen leaves and helping improve the aeration and water available to your plants. Coffee also lessens the pH level in soil, which can make flowers bloom in extra spectacular colors.

To improve your commute
You likely already have a thermos of coffee with you on your way to the train or as you drive to work. Did you know coffee can improve your commute further, all just from home? Skip adding salt to your driveway and sidewalks when it gets icy. Instead, use left over coffee grounds! Collect used grounds in a bin and break them out the next time it snows. You'll love not having all that salty, sandy residue and getting two uses out of your brew!