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Get Energized for Back to School Season

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Whether you’re a mom, teacher, or college student, the thought of getting back into the back-to-school “grind” can make you feel a bit tired. Coffee is the perfect sidekick to keep you energized throughout the day. In addition to giving you the extra boost of energy you need, it has shown to have positive impacts on the body. Here’s how coffee can help you power through the back-to-school season with plenty of energy.

Start Your Day with a Cup of Coffee

Coffee on a counter

Not a morning person? You don’t have to be! Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning will give you that extra boost you need to start your day right. Whether you prefer an espresso shot or a vanilla cappuccino, a little extra energy never hurt.

Simplify Your Morning Routine

Filling a Mr. Coffee® 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with water

Adding coffee to your morning routine may seem like an extra step that you don’t have time for, but that’s not true. The Mr. Coffee® 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker simplifies your routine with its programmable delay brew feature that allows you to set it up the night before so your coffee is ready to go when you wake up!

Sip away the Sniffles
Nothing drains you of your energy more than getting a cold. Coffee is packed full of antioxidants that will help fight off sickness and keep you healthy all school year long.