How To Clean A Coffee Maker The Easy Way

Whether you have a single-cup coffee maker or a drip coffee machine with a large carafe, knowing how to clean coffee makers is a must if you want the best, bold flavorful from your java. Did you know you should clean the coffee carafe, reusable coffee filter (if you're using one), and any other removable coffee accessories and parts after every use? Then, once a month, you should deep clean the whole coffee maker; you can do this with vinegar or a with few other items, depending on what you have in your house.

To learn how to clean your coffee pot and maker yourself, follow the basic steps below to keep your coffee machine running full steam ahead. And, if you really don't want to deal with cleaning a coffee maker yourself, scroll down for the scoop on the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Dishwashable Design!

1. How to Clean Coffee Maker with Vinegar
Your goal is to dissolve the calcium deposits and descale coffee maker build up through continual use. Empty the coffee carafe and clean out the filter. Then add white vinegar and water to the coffee maker. you want to use around half as much vinegar as you have water. If your coffee maker has a clean function, use this function to run the most effective clean cycle. If your coffee maker does not have a clean function, simply press Brew Now as if you were brewing a regular pot of coffee. Then brew this mixture as if you were brewing a regular pot of coffee.

2. Wait 30 Minutes
When the cleaning or brewing is done, let the coffee maker sit 15-30 minutes for the mixture to really do its job. Then dump out the vinegar brew, toss the filter or rinse the permanent filter, and rinse the carafe thoroughly.

3. Repeat Twice, with Water Only
Repeat this process with pure water to remove any remaining vinegar, then completely empty the water and run the coffee maker one last time using only water for a thorough coffee maker cleaning. Again, that's two water-only brews, emptying the water between each one.

After that, your sparkling-clean coffee maker will be ready for coffee again! You should immediately notice a cleaner taste now that you have a clean coffee maker!.


you can enjoy delicious, clean-tasting coffee all the time with the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Dishwashable Design. The easy-to-clean design makes the coffee maker simple to take apart and reassemble, and dishwashing removes bitter coffee residue by thoroughly cleaning the parts of the coffee maker exposed to coffee grounds and water.*

• You can also swap out white vinegar for apple cider vinegar, but keep in mind apple cider has a stronger taste, so it may linger a bit more. Or you can use lemon juice, using equal parts lemon juice and water. Then finish with two more brews of just water, as described above.

• You can also try running a brew with a mixture of one part baking soda to four parts warm water. Make sure to remove your filter first. Stir the water and baking soda together before you put it in the coffee maker so it doesn't clump up and clog the coffee maker. Then, as above, finish with two more brews of just water.

• One more tip: For cleaning your carafe, try swirling a little rice in it with some warm sudsy water, for a nice clean sparkle!

*CAUTION: The electrical base, power cord, and plug of the Dishwashable Coffee Maker are not dishwasher-safe and should never be immersed in water or other liquids.

Make it easy to get a great cup of coffee, brew after brew, by easily maintaining a clean drip coffee maker. By following our once-a-month method on how to clean coffee maker, you can easily remove stubborn calcium deposits and descale coffee maker build up to enjoy the freshest tasting cup. If you're in the market for a new coffee maker, consider our programmable Mr. Coffee drip coffee makers with dishwashable design to make disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling your coffee machine easy. By keeping a regular coffee maker cleaning schedule, you can enjoy the full aroma of your favorite roast recipes like our Coconut Iced Mocha recipe, for a sweet, energizing sip to last you through the day. So go ahead and savor the perfect cup of coffee right from your home with your coffee pot cleaner than ever.

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