It doesn't get
fresher than this!

Beans go in,

Single cup convenience

Now single cup brewing is made tastier and easier using whole beans or coffee grounds. In the same amount of time it takes to load a pod, you can brew a single cup using fresh roasted coffee beans for a rich, fresh taste beyond comparison!

Grind Brews

There’s no extra steps, no extra time needed, just pour in the beans,
hit brew and the coffee maker does the rest. After brewing, simply remove the dishwasher-safe permanent filter for easy cleaning.

Rich flavor

Who doesn’t love the taste of coffee brewed with fresh grounds? This Mr. Coffee® Single Cup Coffee Maker intensifies the taste in your cup. Using beans of your choice, you can enjoy coffee just the way you like it, with richness like never before.

Size does matter

Some days call for a big, tall mug to wake you up and get you going, while other times you may want to brew less in a smaller cup. The adjustable cup tray is made to adapt to cup size changes for neater, splash-free brewing.


If you run out of beans, don’t sweat it!
You can also use your favorite pre-ground coffee too. It’s just like us to make sure you never have to go without a cup.

When you're

Includes a Mr. Coffee® Stainless Steel Travel Mug to brew a fresh cup to take with you wherever you go! It’s dishwasher safe so you don’t have the hassle of washing by hand if you don’t want to.

permanent filter

Removable one-piece permanent filter and grinder lifts out for easy cleaning, and it's dishwasher safe!!

Don't know
beans about beans?


It’s best to brew with fresh-ground beans to maintain the integrity of flavor components as best as possible. Once beans are ground, the freshness and aromas immediately begin to dissipate and the delicate oils can become tainted and diluted.


Since moisture, heat, light and air can affect whole beans, keep them as fresh as possible by storing at room temperature in an opaque, vacuum-sealed, airtight container.


There’s basically 4 different types of roasts. Each have a distinct taste,
sort of like tea or wine varieties. Some of us coffee drinkers stick with one type while
others enjoy the range of tastes.


Light brown in color and mild in taste for those who enjoy a less robust flavor. Ironically, light roasts have a slighter higher concentration of caffeine compared to darker roasts.


One of the most popular varieties in the US,
this roast is slightly sweeter than the
light roast with a
balance of flavor,
aroma and acidity.


As beans roast longer, the flavor shifts to a more bittersweet aftertaste and acidity fades. Medium-dark roasts are richer in color and some oil appears on the surface when brewed.


Appearance of dark roasts can be identified by shiny black beans that contain less acidity as origin flavor disappears to a more pronounced bitterness from the roasting process for an acquired taste that certain coffee lovers cannot live without.