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An Easier Way To Make Espresso

Espresso and espresso-based coffee drinks put a lot of big name coffeehouses on the map, and even rejuvenated long-time donut shops and bakery chains. Every minute of every day there are thousands of baristas out there creating delicious coffee drinks with dark, rich espresso coffee topped with frothy steamed milk. Not stopping there, they add syrups, spices and other decadent ingredients to take the basic espresso and latte to a whole other level. Did you know that expert skill of a coffeehouse barista also comes in the form of Mr. Coffee® Café Barista, the easy-to-use espresso maker and frother brews authentic-tasting espresso drinks at the touch of a button.

Read on for more information about espresso and how to make it the easy way.

What is Espresso?
Espresso comes from the same beans as coffee, but they are roasted longer to bring out their oils and bitter taste. Then, they are ground into much finer particles than regular coffee. To make an espresso drink, the grounds must be placed under pressure by tamping them into the filter. For more details about the tamp, click here. Unless you're drinking a straight shot of espresso, you'll probably need some frothed milk. Check out this article to learn everything you need to know about frothing. 

How to Make Espresso
With the Mr. Coffee® Café Barista you simply choose the single or double shot filter, scoop and tamp grounds in the filter and then lock it into place. Make sure there's water the reservoir and add milk to the automatic frothing reservoir if you are making a cappuccino or latte. Choose the drink setting you want to brew and then Café Barista serves it up! Just like a coffeehouse, but in the coziness and comfort of home. For those delicious pumpkin spice lattes, caramel cappuccinos and other delicious recipes, click here.