Fresh-roasted beans produce better tasting coffee. Once beans are roasted, use them within 2 to 3 weeks to ensure the finest flavor. 


An espresso grind is very fine, almost sand-like. This helps to ensure that maximum flavor is extracted during brewing. Using a Mr. Coffee burr grinder is the best way to get fine, even coffee grounds.


The portafilter is a spoon-shaped device in the espresso machine that holds coffee grounds before and during brewing. The coffee grounds and water mix in the portafilter to produce an espresso shot. 


Tamping is the process of packing grounds into the portafilter. In order for the espresso to be extracted properly, coffee grounds must be densely packed in and pressed down. 


Steam machines use steam pressure and a manual lever to brew bold-tasting espresso. They are more affordable, and are ideal if you are new to brewing espresso.

Pump (15 Bars)

Pump machines use an electric pump to generate the optimal amount of brewing pressure. They produce a more balanced flavor, and are perfect for espresso enthusiasts.

Semi-Automatic (15 to 19 Bars)

Semi-automatic espresso machines are operated with an automatic button to start the brewing process. A barista decides how much coffee to use, and manually stops the shot. 


Creamy and rich, espresso is mixed with steamed milk and topped with a thin layer of foam.


Rich and bold, espresso is poured over a splash of steamed milk and topped with a thin layer of foam.


Velvety and bold, espresso is mixed with steamed milk and then topped with a thick layer of foam.


Bold and full-bodied, espresso is combined with hot water instead of milk.