Single-Serve Coffee Makers

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Product Results
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Mr. Coffee® 4-in-1 Single-Serve Latte™, Iced, and Hot Coffee Maker
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Mr. Coffee® Iced™ Coffee Maker with Reusable Tumbler and Coffee Filter
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Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Makers
Wake up to the aromatic bliss of your favorite coffee made just for you with Mr. Coffee's expertly designed single serve coffee makers. Revolutionizing the morning routines, our one cup coffee maker simplifies your first cup without compromising on the taste or strength.
Single Serve Coffee Makers
The easy-to-use single serve option of our coffee machine brews a rich, hearty cup of coffee in moments. It's ideal for those busy mornings or when you're just looking to unwind with a book and a perfect cup. With user-friendly features, our single serve coffee machines cater to your taste preference and ensure a fresh brew every time.
Single Serve Iced Coffee Makers
Introducing the innovation that summer afternoons are meant for—the Mr. Coffee® Iced™ Coffee Maker. Manually crafting iced coffee can be cumbersome, but our iced coffee machine dispenses refreshingly cold coffee that's brewed in under 4 minutes. Now, savoring a glass of iced coffee on a hot day is as simple as a press of a button. 
Hot and Iced Single Serve Coffee Makers
Your countertop barista, the Mr. Coffee versatile hot and iced coffee machine, brings coffee shop artistry straight to your home. With our 4-in-1 functionality, you can transcend the ordinary with the options to brew, froth, and concoct luscious lattes, creamy cappuccinos, icy delights, or classic hot coffees with just one coffee machine.
Our built-in frother helps you create barista-level hot or cold foam, adding a sophisticated touch to your lattes and cappuccinos. Each sip promises a cafe-quality drink, whether you're lounging in pajamas or on the go.
Mr. Coffee understands the coffee enthusiasts' desire convenience and quality. Whether it's bold hot coffees to kickstart the day or chilled, flavored iced coffees for an afternoon treat, these single serve coffee makers are designed to brew your ideal cup. Experience espresso-inspired drinks at home and relish the flexibility to personalize each beverage to your tastes.
Make your mornings and evenings special with Mr. Coffee's single serve coffee machines. Explore our collection and find the perfect coffee companion that matches your lifestyle.