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8 Doughnut and Coffee Pairings to Try at Home

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When you want to treat yourself with a little sugary pick-me-up, what do you reach for? Doughnuts are a favorite choice of many. There are tons of varieties, from dense cake doughnuts to the many-layered hybrid cronut. Not only are these treats a great way to liven up your day, they go perfectly with coffee. Don't just grab any cup of joe, follow these eight doughnut and coffee pairings to take things to a whole new level:

1. Long John and a Cortado
Cortados are one shot of espresso, a shot worth of steamed milk and a shot's worth of foam. They're just milky enough to have a light espresso taste and pair perfectly with a sugary sweet long john. 

2. Boston Cream and a Light Roast
It's easy to go over-sweet when grabbing a cup of joe and a doughnut. Unless you want a serious sugar buzz, try to go with one sweet and one not-so-sweet option, like with a Boston cream doughnut and a light roast coffee. The gooey intensity of the pastry filling pairs perfectly with the delicate flavor of a light roast. 

3. Bacon Doughnut and Ethiopian Coffee
If ever there was a savory doughnut, it's one with bacon on top. Go for a plain pastry with a piece of bacon in lieu of frosting, or even a chocolatey doughnut with bacon bits throughout. This option goes well with Ethiopian coffee which is fruity and bright. This helps even out the heaviness of the bacon.  

4. Creme Brulee Doughnut and Latin American Coffee
Those with sophisticated taste will enjoy the sugary crunch at the top of a creme brulee doughnut. When you're going to eat this type of dessert for breakfast (or any other time of day), look for smooth, mellow Latin American coffee to balance out the doughnut's sugary goodness. 

jelly doughnut, doughnut, Mr. CoffeeJelly doughnuts offer fruity notes that bring out the flavor in cappuccinos.

5. Jelly Doughnut and a Cappuccino
Oh, the fruity goodness of a jelly doughnut. Who needs jam on toast when you can enjoy its sweeter, more portable cousin? If you're a fan of this pastry, consider eating one with a cappuccino. The foamy, milky goodness perfectly pairs with the intensity of the sugary fruit filling. 

6. Cake Doughnut and Black Coffee
If you like your coffee strong and dark, consider grabbing a cake doughnut to indulge in as you drink. These pastries are dense and only lightly sweet, so they work well with the simple flavors of straight coffee. If you like a light roast, look for a chocolate-frosted cake doughnut. For those who love dark roasts, sweeten your day with a sugar-coated doughnut or go plain.

glazed doughnut, doughnut, frosted doughnut, Mr. CoffeeGlazed doughnuts are delicious with coffee or espresso.

7. Espresso and a Glazed Doughnut
Do you skip the complicated coffee drinks in favor of a quick shot or two of espresso? Liven up your snack with a glazed doughnut. The flaky, sugary coating on these light, fluffy doughnuts cuts right through the heaviness of the espresso flavor, leaving you in a happy, caffeinated state.

8. Apple Fritter and an Americano
Americanos are one or two shots of espresso in hot water. They're the more coffee-flavored version of a latte as they don't involve any milk. This no-nonsense drink is delicious with a warm apple fritter. The sweet, fruitiness of the pastry adds some lighter notes to the more intense beverage.

These coffee and doughnut pairings can be used at any time of day or night. They'll perk you up as they awaken your taste buds and give off a wonderful coffee aroma. Buy a dozen doughnuts at a local bakery and take them home to try all our pairings, or you could even make some of the pastries at home to enjoy with fresh brewed coffee.