Product FAQs

Café Barista

What should I do if the coffee in the filter is wet after brewing?

Ensure that the espresso is tamped well before brewing.

How do I remove the filter insert from the porta-filter?

By holding the porta-filter upside down, spin the filter until it falls out into your hand. Please make sure that espresso grounds have been discarded and that the filter has cooled prior to removing the filter insert.

How do I brew into a small or demitasse cup?

Pull out the Cup Height Adjusting Tray from under the Milk Reservoir. The Cup Height Adjusting Tray can also be used to store the filter that is not in use.

How do I assure my Mr. Coffee® Café Barista espresso maker works optimally from the first brew?

Make sure to prime the Mr. Coffee® Café Barista prior to its first use. Please see instruction manual for additional instructions.

How can I tell when my milk reservoir is fully inserted?

First, ensure that you have firmly pushed in the milk reservoir into the unit. If so, the Cappuccino and Latte button lights will begin to pulse. The pulsing means the unit has made contact with the milk reservoir and is preparing itself to use the milk reservoir. When the button lights stop pulsing and remain illuminated, the Cappuccino and Latte functions are ready for use.

After leaving my Mr. Coffee® Café Barista ON and alone for 15 minutes, all of the lights turned off. What do I do?

The Café Barista has an energy-saving sleep mode that will power the unit down after 15 minutes of no use. You can press any button to get it to power back on.

What is the clean cycle and when do I use it?

This function cleans the Frothed Milk Dispensing Tube. The clean cycle should be performed after each use with milk. Review the instruction manual or quick start guide for additional information.

What do the lights on the control panel mean?

Button light pulses
- Unit is heating up
- Unit is brewing/frothing/cleaning
Button Light remains illuminated
- The specific brew function is ready for use.
Button light flashes
- Water Reservoir is empty
- Function selected before unit is ready
Cappuccino and Latte Button lights do not illuminate
- Milk Reservoir is not fully inserted in unit. Be sure to firmly push in the milk reservoir to fully insert.
Cup Icon lights illuminate
- Indicates your brew selection

What do I do if milk splashes outside of my cup?

Make sure the Frothed Milk Dispensing Tube is directed toward the middle of your cup using the Frothing Tube Lever.

If my unit is running but no coffee is coming out, what should I do?

Please follow the below steps:
-  Check to make sure that the red plug found at the bottom of the water reservoir is removed. Follow sticker to where plug is located.
-  Ensure that the unit has been primed prior to first use. Please review the instruction manual.
-  Ensure the unit is plugged into a working electrical outlet.
-  Check to ensure there is water in the water reservoir.
-  Remove the porta-filter and thoroughly clean the filter to ensure that it is not blocked.

I am missing parts for my unit. What do I do?

When unpacking your Mr. Coffee® Café Barista, make sure you check all of the packaging inside of the box. If you are still missing any parts, please contact us via email.


My Mr. Coffee® Café Barista is not frothing. What should I do?

-  Ensure the Froth Control Knob is turned to the Cappuccino or Latte setting.
-  Ensure there is milk in the milk reservoir.
-  Ensure the Frothed Milk Dispensing Tube is cleaned and aimed toward the center of your cup.
-  Ensure that the milk reservoir is fully locked into place.

I am not getting enough froth / I am getting too much froth. What do I do?

-  Ensure the Froth Control Knob is turned to the desired setting (Cappuccino or Latte).
NOTE: The Latte setting produces the least amount of froth and the Cappuccino setting produces the most amount of froth. The type of milk that you use can also produce varying amounts of froth. For best results we recommend whole or 2% milk as it will produce the best quality froth with slightly less volume. Soy, almond, or non-fat milk will produce higher volume so use a lower froth setting to avoid cup overflow.

Should I use espresso grounds or coffee grounds when using the Mr. Coffee® Café Barista?

The Mr. Coffee® Café Barista is a pump espresso maker with 15 bars of pressure. It is recommended to use espresso grounds for optimal flavor.

The coffee is too weak / The coffee is too strong. What do I do?

-  Make sure the correct filter is being used with the correct corresponding setting. The single shot (1-cup) filter should be used for small drinks and the double shot (2-cup) filter should be used for large drinks.
-  Ensure proper espresso grinds are being used.